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Bark Scorpion Photos

scorpion ready to sting 300x155 Bark Scorpion PhotosScorpions will often fall into plastic containers, sinks, glass jars, or light fixtures.  Once they have found their way into one of these, they will be trapped by the slippery surface.  Here are some photos of the AZ bark scorpion, the deadliest scorpion found in the US.  Be careful not to get too close.  They do sting and can possibly put you in the hospital. If you feel symptoms of shock or difficulty breathing then you should seek medical assistance immediately.  Severe reactions and allergies tend to run within families.  If you are allergic to other insect bites and stings then you have a higher risk of being allergic to scorpion stings.

Between 40 and 100 Americans have been reported to die annually from anaphylaxis to insects, although this number may be underestimated. (See: Allergy Statistics: NIAID)

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Do scorpions come out of my drains?

Bark scorpions do not come up out of drains.  The water traps in your drain prevent insects from entering through the sewage system.  So while it is true that the local Phoenix and Mesa sewers have their cockroach problems, the roaches will not invade your home through the sewers.  Typically after a hard ran they will scurry out of the sewers, on to the streets, and up your door step.  There they will wait patiently for a door to open and hurry inside your cool home.  Finding refuge in your walls, pantries, and medicine cabinets.  But the good news is that scorpions will hunt down your cockroaches for you…. or you could just call a professional Phoenix Cockroach Control, Scorpion Control, and General Pest Control service.

Are little scorpions more dangerous than big ones?

Scorpion pest control 300x235 Bark Scorpion PhotosThere is  a common misunderstanding when people say, “WATCH OUT FOR THE LITTLE ONES!” Yes.  The smaller scorpion species is more dangerous.  No. A little, as in younger or baby scorpion, is not any more dangerous than an adult.  In fact, it’s arguable that the tiny, tiny, babies fresh off the mother’s back are not as deadly since they will have a shorter supply of venom.  We  do know that baby scorpions don’t carry the same protein in it’s shell as an adult scorpion. az bark scorpion control 150x150 Bark Scorpion Photos

Are there scorpions in your neighborhood?

Be sure to check out the Scorpion Report to find out if your home is in a scorpion zone.

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Phoenix Scorpion Season is Just Beginning

Scorpion Reports are starting to flow in.  Want to find Phoenix Scorpion Hot Spots? Our Phoenix Exterminator has a map of scorpion reports in your neighborhood to help you determine if you need Phoenix Scorpion Pest Control. Mesa, Queen Creek, Chandler are all mapped with high scorpion density.  Awatukee, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek and Carefree tend to have a slightly higher scorpion call volume most likely due to the extensive dessert landscaping found in these areas.  Scorpions are found in Anthem and Maricopa as well but are a bit more spotty.  The West valley of Peoria, Glendale, and Suprise will also see moderate scorpion activity.

VIEWER ADVISORY: The following video gives a real example of the health hazards associated with scorpion stings. The images may be frightening to those that have pest fears.

Banner Poison Control Center reported 100+ calls of scorpion stings so far this month. The hospital officials say this is a substantial increase from the last month.  Your Bulwark pest control expert in the Phoenix metropolitan area says prime scorpion season is just beginning. Scorpions are most active between 75 and 90 degree weather.  As scorpions come out of the winter season and their less active dormant like or hibernation state they will began to mate and in 3 months will give live birth. A typical scorpion litter is 30-35 scorpion babies  but they can have up to 100 babies at a time.  Luckily scorpions will most likely only reproduce once per year since their gestation period is 3 months and the babies remain on the the mothers back for 2 to 4 weeks after that, leaving little chance for another reproductive cycle prior to winter.

The Scorpion Guy, AJ, is estimating that 80% of his phone current calls for pest control in Phoenix are scorpion related service requests.  Scorpion stings are climbing as temperatures go up.

Most stings are not fatal. But children are more likely to need medical attention as their bodies cannot metabolize as much venom as a grown adult. Most complications come in the form of allergic reactions to the venom. Mexico, which is home to similar dessert bark scorpions still reports a number of deaths per year due to scorpion stings. Mostly from the lack of a close hospital to help treat the victims. If a scorpion sting proves to be fatal it will happen within 24 hours of the sting. Those with sever reactions should seek medical attention immediately. Sever reactions are changes in breathing patterns, dilation of pupils, uncontrolled spasms, and paralysis.

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Scorpion stings are common at night because scorpions are nocturnal by nature. The best advice we can give for parents is that you place mason jars or glass bowls under your child bed’s footings, and that move the beds 6 to 8 inches away from the walls. Scorpions can climb walls and will often fall from the wall onto bed or from the ceiling onto the bed.

Last year’s heavier rains will contribute to more vegetation and that will contribute to more bugs which means more scorpion food, which means more scorpion activity. 2010 Scorpion Forecast is looking high.

From your Phoenix Pest Controller, check your shoes and make that a start of a scorpion free day.

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How do you get rid of scorpions?

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Pinnacle Peak Ranchos
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Pointe Tapatio
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Rancho Encanto
Rancho Gabriela
Rancho Jardines
Rancho Manana
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Rancho Santa Fe
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Rancho Trinadad
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Ray Ranch – Gilbert
Ray Ranch Estates
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Red Rock
Redwood Estates
Reed Park Estates
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Riata Hills
Richwood Addition
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Riggs Ranch
Riggs Ranch Meadows
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Rio Del Verde
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Rio Mountain Estates
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Rio Verde Foothills
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Rita Vista Estates
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Saguaro Shadows
Sahara Palms
Salerno Ranch
San Marcos
San Marcos Crossing
San Marcos Estates
San Marqui Estates
San Michelle
San Tan Heights
San Tan Ranch
San Tan Vista
San Tan Vistas Ranch
San Vincente
Sanctuary at Avondale
Sand Flower
Santa Maria / Oakdale
Santa Rita Ranch
Santa Rosa Springs
Sarah Ann Ranch
Sarival Gardens
Sarival Village
Scarlett Canyon
Scot Manor
Scottsdale Country Club
Scottsdale Estates
Scottsdale Foothills
Scottsdale Horizon
Scottsdale Links Estates
Scottsdale Mountain
Scottsdale Ranch
Scottsdale Stonebrook
Scottsdale Vista
Scottsdale Vista North
Secluded Acres
Secluded Estates
Senior Village
Settler`s Meadow
Settler`s Point
Shadow Canyon
Shadow Ridge
Shadow Run – Chandler
Shadow Run – Glendale
Shadow View Ranch
Shalimar – Glendale
Shalimar – Tempe
Shamrock Estates
Shea North Estates
Sheely Farms
Sherwood Manor
Sherwood Mesa
Sienna Heights
Sienna Vista
Sierra Colina
Sierra Entrada Garden Homes
Sierra Estates – Mesa
Sierra Estates – Scottsdale
Sierra Foothills
Sierra Heights
Sierra Montana
Sierra Norte
Sierra Ranch
Sierra Ridge
Sierra Tempe
Sierra Verde – Glendale
Sierra Verde – Surprise
Siesta Terrace
Siesta Village
Signal Butte Manor
Signal Butte Ranch
Silver Creek
Silverstone Estates
Silverstone Ranch
Silverton Ranch
Sky Ranch
Sky View Place
Skyline Ranch
Skyrun on Southern
Skyview North
Skyview West
Skyway Village
Somner Place
Sonesta Estates
Sonoma Ranch
Sonora Vista
Sonoran Arroyos
Sonoran Crest
Sonoran Foothills
Sonoran Heights
Sonoran Highlands
Sonoran Hills
Sonoran Mountain Ranch
Sonoran Village
Sonoran Vista
Sossaman Estates – Mesa
Sossaman Estates – QC
Southern East
Southern Estates
Southern Manor of Mesa
Southern Palms
Southern Views
Southwest Village
Spanish Mountain Estates
Spectrum at Val Vista
Spring Creek
Spring Meadows
Springer Ranch
Springfield Lakes
Spyglass Estates
Squaw Peak
Squaw Peak Vista
Stapley Gardens
Stapley Greens
Star Summit
Stellar Airpark
Stetson Hills
Stetson Valley
Stewarts East Mesa
Stewarts South
Stone Canyon
Stonebridge Estates
Stonebridge Gardens
Stonebridge Lakes
Stonegate Crossing
Stonegate Estates
Stoneridge Estates – Fountain Hills
Stoneridge Estates – Scottsdale
Stratford Estates
Stratland Estates
Summer Meadows
Summer Mesa
Summer Place
Summerfield Place
Summerlin Village
Summerset Village
Summit at South Mountain
Summit Ridge
Summit Shadows
Sun Air Estates
Sun City
Sun City Festival
Sun City Grand
Sun City West
Sun Groves
Sun Lakes
Sun River
Sun Valley Farms
Sun Village
Sunburst Estates
Sunburst Farms – Glendale
Sunburst Farms – Scottsd / Phx
Sunburst Farms – Tempe
Sundance Groves
Sundance Ranch
Sundance Shadows
Sundance Villas – Mesa
Sundance Villas – Peoria
Sundown Manor
Sundown Ranch Estates
Sundown Ranchos
Sunland Gardens
Sunland Mesa
Sunland Springs Village
Sunland Village
Sunland Village East
Sunny Mesa
Sunnyfield Park
Sunridge Canyon
Sunridge Terrace
Sunrise Canyon
Sunrise Desert Vistas
Sunrise Estates – Florence
Sunrise Estates – Scottsdale
Sunrise Meadows Estates
Sunrise Terrace
Sunset Canyon
Sunset Cove
Sunset Farms
Sunset Mesa
Sunset North
Sunset Ridge – Gold Canyon
Sunset Ridge – Scottsdale
Sunset Vista – Buckeye
Sunset Vista – Glendale
Sunwest Trails
Superior Highlands
Superstition Foothills
Superstition Heights – AJ
Superstition Heights – Mesa
Superstition Highlands – AJ
Superstition Highlands – Higley
Superstition Meadows – Gilbert
Superstition Meadows – Mesa
Superstition Mountain
Superstition Springs
Superstition View Estates
Superstition Views
Superstition Village
Surprise Farms
Surrey Heights
Sweetwater Estates
Sweetwater Ranch
Sycamore Estates
Tamarron – Phoenix
Tamarron – Scottsdale
Tami Estates
Tangerine Terrace
Tanita Farms
Tapestry on Central
Tatum Canyon
Tatum Garden Estates
Tatum Highlands
Tatum Horizons
Tatum Lane
Tatum Park
Tatum Park West
Tatum Ranch
Tatum Square
Tatum Vista
Tempe Gardens
Tempe Royal Palms
Temple Acres
Templeton Place
Teri Estates
Terra Mesa
Thayer Park Manor
The Boulders
The Citadel
The Cloisters
The Covey
The Crossroads
The Foothills
The Gardens
The Groves
The Groves of Gilbert
The Islands
The Lakes
The Legacy
The Links Estates
The Peak
The Preserve
The Provinces
The Springs
The Trails
The Village at Grande Valley
The Vineyards
Third Avenue Lofts
Thompson Ranch
Thoroughbred Farms
Three Fountains of Mesa
Thunder Mountain
Thunderbird Palms
Thunderbird Villas
Tierra Este Park
Tierra Norte
Tierra Rica
Tierra Verde East
Tierra Verde Estates
Tolsun Farms
Tone Estates
Tone Ranch
Toni Estates
Tonto Verde
Tonto Vista
Topaz Park
Torre Molinos
Towne Meadows
Tradition East
Trails at Scottsdale
Trails End
Trails End Estates
Trails End Ranches
Trails North
Trailside at Manzanita Ranch
Trailside Point
Trailside Village
Trilogy at Power Ranch
Trilogy at Vistancia
Triple Crown
Triple D Ranches
Troon North
Troon Village
Tucker Place
Turtle Rock – 85022
Turtle Rock – 85050
Tuscany Grove
Tuscany Hills
Twelve Oaks
Upland Park
Val Vista Estates
Val Vista Greens
Val Vista Lakes
Val Vista Meadows
Val Vista Place
Val Vista Villas
Valencia Groves
Valencia Heights
Valle Eldorado
Valley Vista – 85029
Valley Vista – 85085
Velda Rose Estates
Velda Rose Gardens
Velvet Shadows
Ventana Foothills
Ventana Lakes
Venture Out at Mesa
Verde Groves
Verde Santa Fe
Via Linda Estates
Via Verano
Via Vista
Villa De Angela
Villa De Jardines
Villa De Paz
Villa De Sorano
Villa Del Oro
Villa Monterey
Villa Park
Villa Rica
Villa Rita
Villa Tierra
Villa Verde
Village at West Meadow
Village Grove
Village Grove Estates
Village View Estates
Villages at Queen Creek
Villages of Eastridge
Villas Valencia
Vineyard Commons
Vineyard Estates
Vineyard Hills Estates
Vineyard Vista
Vintage Ranch
Vista Del Oro
Vista Del Sol
Vista Dorada
Vista Estancia – Gilbert
Vista Estancia – Mesa
Vista Grande
Vista Mesa
Vista Monterey
Vista Norte
Vista Parc
Vista Point
Waltann Estates
Warner Estates
Warner Ranch
Waterford Square
Wayne Ranch
West Glenn Estates
West Phoenix Estates
West Point
Westbrook Village
Western Homesites
Western Skies
Westfield Gardens
Westgreen Estates
Westminster Village
Weston Park
Weston Ranch
Westpark Manor
Westridge Glen
Westridge Park
Westridge Shadows
Westridge Village
Westview Crossing
Westward Quest
Westwing Mountain
Westwood Village
Whisper Mountain
Whisper Rock
White Fence Farms
Wigwam Creek
Wild Tree
Wildcat Ridge
Wildflower Ranch
Wildhorse Estates
Will Rogers Equestrian Ranch
Willis Ranch
Willow Creek
Willows West
Wind Drift
Windgate Ranch
Windmill Ranch
Windmill Village
Windsor Shadows
Windsor Square
Wood Park Village
Woodland Heights
Woodridge Lake
Woodys Corner
Worthmor Estates
Yaple Park
Yorkshire Estates
Monterey Casitas
Barclay Village

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