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Family Pest Control Service in Phoenix Arizona

Bulwark Exterminating – Roach Control Video

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Phoenix Real Estate and Pest Control

Phoenix real estate is no exception to the pest control rule. The pest control rule is this: No matter what the realtors tell you, you NEED pest control in order to live a pest free life. Phoenix, AZ is not exempt from this rule, and therefore pest control is a must for any serious home owner looking for a happy pest-free life.

 Phoenix Real Estate and Pest Control
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Pest Control Late Payments

A late payment can sometimes be an issue when servicing pest control. If there is lack of payment from a customer we issue a break in service. Customers often call in reporting that our service isn’t working, but when we go through the records we come to realize the customer failed to make a payment, therefore resulted in a break in service. The pest control barrier or “Bulwark” will only last for so long before the shield wears off. That’s why it is crucial to not have any latelate payments

 Pest Control Late Payments
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Local Phoenix pest control Company Makes Top 100 List

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Scorpion Control-Pest Control by Bulwark Exterminating

Parents discuss their concerns about when they found a scorpion in their home with a Bulwark Exterminating specialist. Afraid for the safety of their baby, they decide that they should take action against scorpions, and called Bulwark Exterminating to provide pest control services, and safety for their little child.

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Another Satisfied Customer about Pest Control over Facebook

Jon Meckes

Thank you Andrew for responding within 20 minutes of the initial call. He was actually scheduled for tomorrow, but took this call today instead.

Visit Bulwark Pest Control’s Facebook Page to see more!

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Bark Scorpion

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Black Widow Spider

BlackWidow Black Widow Spider
Black Widow Spider in Phoenix, Arizona. Note the red hourglass on the underbelly of the spider.
Black Widow Black Widow Spider
Black Widow Spider in Phoenix, Arizona. Black Widow mother with her egg sack. A Black Widow egg sack can hatch up to over 200 baby Black Widow Spiders.

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