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Have A Happy Halloween, From Bulwark Exterminating.

Halloween is now just around the corner. Before we know it little ones dressed as every character possible will be roaming our streets looking for candy. What are you doing this Halloween? Trick or treating with your kids? Putting on a haunted house? Going to a haunted corn maze, perhaps? Whatever you do, have a safe and happy Halloween.

Take a minute to enjoy our new video.

ABC15 In Phoenix Talks To Bulwark About Bugs In Cool Weather

Every now and then we get phone calls here at Bulwark Exterminating from the local news stations in the cities we service. ABC-15 in Phoenix recently reached out to us wanting to know a little bit more about the current bug activity now that temperatures have dropped dramatically in the past several weeks.

They spoke to our technician, Adele Shields, about the bug activity that we as exterminators typically see in the desert during this time of year.

Take a look…

While scorpions are by far the biggest and most well-known bug problem in Phoenix in the summer, all the other critters remain active and productive during the cold, winter months. As Thomas and Adele point out, ant colonies will continue to go about their business. We, as residents, sometimes provide optimal conditions that invite and harbor unwanted bugs on our properties. As mentioned, be sure your home is properly sealed and protected from allowing bugs on the outside from making their way into the interior spaces of the house.

Winter is particularly a time when roaches continue to thrive and populate in and around the house. Arizona may be an inherently dry state, but as the temperature drops in the night time, dew and moisture now has an opportunity to form and collect. During the day, temperatures rise and provide just enough warmth to give insects like roaches and crickets the best of both worlds.

It is also worthy to mention that while scorpions are the most active during the summer, some tend to remain active during the winter. Those scorpions that find themselves in an exposed environment will actually hibernate to survive the frigid temperatures. Those that find themselves in a protected space, such as an insulated attic or in a box in the garage may never experience enough cold to trigger their internal clocks to notify them to start the hibernation process. We still highly recommend being cautious when handling objects that may be in places like the garage, shed and storage spaces inside the home.

Happy National Cheese Pizza Day

Thurday, September 5th is National Cheese Pizza Day. Not only does that sound like one of the greatest non-federal holidays our country has celebrated this year, but Phoenix’s own Pizzeria Bianco has been featured as a Top 10 pizza restaurant in the U.S. Yay for us!

Check out the entire list here, then make your way down to Pizzeria Bianco for the best pizza you’ve ever had. Leave now, because wait times have been known to be 3-4 hours, sometimes more.

Pizzeria Bianco in downtown Phoenix is nationally acclaimed for its heavenly crust and homemade mozzarella.

Pizzeria Bianco
623 East Adams Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(602) 258-8300

Staying Safe In The Phoenix Heat

Extreme, summer heat is nothing new to those of us that live in Arizona. As this time of year passes through, we all find a way to deal with rising temperatures. Unfortunately, if unprepared, the heat can put us in real danger. This past weekend in Arizona was a rude awakening of how extreme and dangerous the heat can be. Several hikers needed medical rescue, and one person even fell victim to the severe heat.

Several of us here at Bulwark practically live outdoors when we’re not slaving away at the world’s worst bug problems, so as a company of employees, we have a vested interested in outdoor safety. In light of the this past weekend’s brutal heat spell, we wanted to shed light on a few important points when it comes to saying safe in the Arizona heat.

We wholeheartedly agree with everything the nightly newscasts suggest: drink water, don’t leave children or pets in the car, all that good stuff. Here are a few things extra to consider.

Electrolytes. The heat gets so intense in Arizona, that it’s perfectly normal to start sweating on the walk from your car to the entrance of Costco. Then again on your way out. Then again as you unload all those groceries from your car into your house. Aside from losing water when you sweat, you are also losing bodily salts and other essential minerals. Addling electrolytes to your fluid intake will help combat that loss. Sport drinks are an easy purchase to make and we’d recommend having a cold supply available in your fridge. If you’re concerned with the extra calories that sport drinks bring, you can opt for low-calories versions, Gatorade’s G2 or Powerade’s ZERO options. Alternative drinks include Smartwater, Vitaminwater or any of these same or similar products that come packaged as single servings. Mio even sells a fluid additive that comes packed with necessary electrolytes.

Another alternative to keeping your electrolytes levels topped off is to carry sport products. Think the kinds of products you would take with you if you were to go hiking. Clif Bar Bloks are a great electrolytic source. My personal favorite are Jelly Belly’s Sport Beans. Not too far off from the original Jelly Belly themselves, Sport Beans come in a variety of flavors.

Carry it with you, keep it cool. Most of us tend to drink fluids throughout the day when we are stuck in one place. It’s easy to keep drinking when you’re at your desk or at home. Instead, try taking your drink with you. Grab a bottle of water on your way out the door. Better yet, put it in a small cooler with an ice pack and it’ll stay cool for at least the next hour while you’re out around town doing errands.

Cover your melon. If you are spending a significant amount of time outdoors this summer the main component of controlling your body heat is regulating the heat through your head. Keeping a cool head is a major factor in maintaining your core temperature at a safe level. First off, cover your head with a hat. If you’re on the golf course or taking a hike in the hills, don’t go without a hat. It’ll do wonders for you. It’s even a good idea to douse your head every so often with water, just for good measure. Personally, I ride my bike about 150 miles a week and sometimes I’ll stop at a gas station to refill my bottles with ice and water. Half of one of those bottles is dedicated to simply squirting through the top of my helmet to cool off my head. A little bit goes a long way.

Fill it with ice. Here’s a pro tip. If you’re out riding bikes, on the links or hiking Camelback, fill your bottle with as much ice as possible. Then fill the rest of it with your water or sport drinks. The ice will take a while to completely melt, keeping your fluid cold during your activity.

There’s a saying that goes like this: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” The first step to beating the heat in Arizona is to plan your activity. Ensuring you have enough to eat and drink while in the sun is the most important part. If you’re unsure on how much food or drink you will need, always error on the side of caution. I almost always carry an extra energy bar with me on my bike rides. I don’t have plans on eating it, but its there if I, or someone else, needs it.

Stay active, but stay safe!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

With Valentine’s Day happening in a few days, we thought we’d give you an insider’s perspective to the holiday of love. It’s quite possibly the most loved and equally hated holiday of the year. If you have someone to share it with, it’s like having a second birthday. If you are braving it alone, then it’s usually a time for singles to unite in some sort of love-stinks party of their own.

Here’s a few tidbits about Valentine’s day you probably didn’t know.

Cupid wasn’t perfect. The Roman god of desire and affection, and son of the goddess Venus, Cupid and his famed bow and arrow have transcended the centuries from one legend to another. In most cases his arrow was on target, but in others, love grew cold. In Vergil’s Aeneid, Cupid plays matchmaker between Dido and Aeneas, but the legend ended in epic tragedy.

Valentine’s Day is expensive. Really expensive. US consumers are expected to spend around 13 billions dollars on Valentine’s Day purchases. The average consumer is expected to spend $116.21 this holiday season. There will be an estimated 180 million cards exchanged and 196 million flowers gifted.

Make or break. An astonishing 53% of women say they are willing to end their current relationship if they are not given a gift on Valentine’s Day. (We at Bulwark may or may not support that 53% of disgruntled women. Ok, we do! Come on, fellas!)

Just in time for Thanksgiving. On average, 11,000 children are conceived on Valentine’s Day. Count ahead 9 months, and they should get here just in time for Turkey Day.

Need help? There are still a few days left until D-Day, so if you need a little help trying to set something up last minute, you have your choice of 904 licensed dating services nationwide. Good luck!

And if you learn anything from a pest control company on having a successful Valentine’s Day, remember this…

Top Stories In Arizona For 2012

As 2012 draws to a close, we all remember the personal events and moments from the past 12 months and learn from the bad as well as the good. Hopefully we’ll all wake up New Year’s Day with a renewed drive to be better than we were the previous year, for better or for worse. It might even be a good idea to write down each of our top moments from the year to help us remember how important they were to us.

As for the community, here are a few of Arizona’s top moments from 2012 as shared by

Kingman 8-year-old dies after tonsils removed. In January, an 8-year-old from Kingman had his tonsils removed, a routine procedure. He experienced complications while breathing the day after, and he passed away the day after that. In an extraordinary case, the family was left waiting for months for autopsy results and closure to their son’s unusual death. There was no malpractice involved by the medical team.

Ex-Wall Street Banker Commits Suicide In Courtroom. This one is almost out of Hollywood. Ex-Wall Street banker, Michael Marin, was convicted in June of burning down his multimillion dollar mansion three years ago. Just as his verdict was announced in the courtroom, Marin is seen to have quickly swallowed something, before collapsing and convulsing on the floor. He was pronounced dead a short time later. Cyanide was later discovered in Marin’s car.

14-year-old shoots armed intruder. A 14-year-old boy was babysitting his younger siblings when he heard the doorbell ring. He did not open the door because he did not recognize the woman on the doorstep. She soon started to bang the door. He rushed his siblings upstairs and grabbed his father’s pistol. As he waited at the top of the stairs, an armed gunman forced his way into the house. Without hesitation, the boy hit and nearly killed him. The intruder survived, was arrested and never shot his own weapon. Police officials later stated that “..this young man did exactly what he should have done.”

Woman Arrested For Running Over Husband. 28-year-old Holly Solomon was arrested in November on charges of domestic violence and aggravated assault after she ran down her husband with their SUV. Why would she do such a thing? For not voting in this year’s presidential election…of course! Solomon was seen circling and yelling at her husband in a parking lot in their car before he made an attempt to flea. She gave chased, eventually striking him and pinning him between their car and a curb. She was…upset (to say the least) that he did not vote because she believes that President Barack Obama is the reason their family is experiencing certain problems. So, she did what most concerned citizens would do – hunt down everyone that didn’t participate in the election. The situation portrays MTV’s voting campaign from several years ago: “Vote. Or die.”

Woman ordered to stop handing out free water. Dana Crow-Smith was ordered to stop handing out free bottled water during this year’s ‘First Friday’ festival when temperatures reached 112 degrees. A city worker did so because Crow-Smith did not posses the proper vendor permits that would allow her to sell “anything of value”, even though she was giving it away for free. Apparently they weren’t excepting any “I have common sense” permits. Her dispute quickly went viral, drawing the attention of national columnists and bloggers. A civil-liberties group soon took up her case, threatening to sue the city on her behalf. Phoenix City Council later voted to amend the ordinance that originally prohibited Crow-Smith, allowing an exemption for distribution of drinking water.

For some 2012 couldn’t have passed any slower. For others, it passed too fast. Goodbye 2012 and…

Hello 2013!

US Women’s National Soccer Team Plays In Phoenix

The US Women’s National Soccer Team plays tomorrow, Saturday Dec. 1, at University of Phoenix Stadium against Ireland. This is the second game of the US’ fan appreciation tour, after having already beaten Ireland, 5-0, on Wednesday in Portland. Both squads will square off again tomorrow in Glendale at 7:30 pm MT.

If you don’t have anything planned tomorrow night, and know of any younger kids that might enjoy the game, we highly recommend purchasing a ticket to witness one of the greatest women’s soccer teams of all time. The US national team has a record-tying 2 FIFA World Cups and stands alone atop the Olympic podium with a record four gold medals.

Here’s what to watch for tomorrow night…

“Airborne Abby”. Abby Wambach is the motor of the offense. Taller than most her teammates and competitors, Abby thrives at playing the ball in the air. Her header goals are legendary and, quite honestly, she should consider trademarking them.

“Baby Horse”. Alex Morgan is the next franchise face of US Women’s soccer. Fast and athletic, Alex has a knack for the goal and a soft touch on the ball that brings the ball to life. Her pink headbands are noticeable for anywhere in the stadium, making her easy to follow. “Baby Horse” is just her nickname.

Hope Solo. Considered the #1 goalkeeper in the world, Hope Solo makes standing in a 6-yard box look like the funnest position on the field. If a competitor scores on Solo, I suggest them keeping the ball for their personal trophy case, because it doesn’t happen very often.

For you die hard soccer fans, the team is holding its training session today at 5 pm at the stadium. Go get an autograph.  Admission is FREE!!!

If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area, and are a soccer fan, show up to the game tomorrow and cheer on Jane’s Army!

US Women’s National Team


Good luck ladies, and LET’S GO JANE’S ARMY!!!


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I’m Even Thankful For These

Of course I’m thankful for the important stuff in my life – my wife, my kids, our health, my job, our extended family, etc. That goes without saying. At the same time, I think you can be grateful for the odd things in our lives, or the things that may not be quite as important. Those experiences or opportunities still shape who we are and may lead us down one path or another. I don’t think recognizing the less important things in life is in any way vain or shallow.

Here are a few of mine…

1. Date night with the wife. We have two kids, ages two and four. I have a job. My wife has a night job. We don’t spend very many evenings together, and even when we do, it’s often spent family planning, grocery shopping or running quick errands before the stores close. We try to have a date night once a week or so. Sometimes a movie, sometimes just dinner at Chick-Fil-A, but I’m always thankful for those few precious minutes alone with my wife.

2. Riding My Bike. There is something priceless to me about getting on my bike for a solid 2-hour ride. This usually happens before work, and also before the sun rises. If I can squeeze in a good 35 or 40 mile ride before my day really begins, my day just seems to come together nicely. Most of the time it’s an opportunity for me to get away from everybody, and everything, and challenge myself physically and mentally on my own. I love being on my bike.

3. Social Media. I have personal accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I use them all extensively throughout the day. As is the purpose of social media, I’ve been able to connect with old friends, share experiences and photos with them, and be apart of their lives a little bit more. Most of my friends do not live near me, so my social accounts have indeed been a blessing to help me strengthen and renew old friendships.

4. Good Pizza. I love pizza. I absolutely love it. As a kid growing up in Southern California, Lampost Pizza was the best. Now living in Arizona, Barro’s is my spot. When I need something a little more upscale, Grimaldi’s has me covered. There are few things that I enjoy as much as a regular crust pizza with pepperoni and sausage.

5. Dr. Pepper. Let’s just be honest. If you drink soda, then who doesn’t love an ice cold Dr. Pepper. The perfect blend of 23 flavors offers the most enjoyable soft drink on the planet. I drink it after my long rides. I drink it watching a good basketball or football game. I drink it to keep me awake at my desk. If I can find any justifiable reason to drink, I will. Am I drinking one right now? Indeed, I am!

We all have lots to be thankful for this holiday season. Family and health come first. Then come the rest of the little things that make up the rest of our day.

Happy Thanksgiving from Bulwark Exterminating.

Vertical Measures Hosting All-Day Search Marketing Workshop

Arizona based Vertical Measures is hosting an all-day search marketing workshop, The Convergence of Search, Social & Content Marketing, on April 7, 2011, in Tempe, AZ.  Arnie Kuenn, founder and president of Vertical Measures will be speaking on topics such as content marketing, keyword research, link building and measurement.  The all-day Vertical Measures workshop is designed to be hands on by students and Kuenn together.

Students of the workshop will not only leave with ideas and feedback from Kuenn regarding their specific business or industry, but will also take home a handful of free, helpful resources for implementing and maintaining a successful content marketing strategy.

Not convinced yet?

Here are the Top 5 reasons to attend the workshop.

5.  Kuenn has more than 20 years of digital marketing experience.  He has started various companies that have serviced many big name clients.  He is a regular speaker at internet marketing conferences throughout the year and is the president of AZ Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA), which holds monthly dinners with renowned speakers from across the country.

4.  Who wouldn’t mind being in Arizona at the beginning of April? The weather is going to be stellar!

3.  A FREE copy of Kuenn’s new book: Accelerate!: Content Development and Marketing to Grow Your Business Online.

2.  Kuenn + You + workshop schedule = better business = more revenue.

1.  Giving you absolutely no more excuses, we’re providing you with an exclusive promo code (vm4friends) worth 40% off the price of registration.  Boom!

Now, no more excuses.  Register.  We’ll see you there!


Dynamic Worldwide – 4500 N. Lakeshore Dr. #695, Tempe, AZ 85282

Nearby Hotels

Embassy Suites Phoenix-Tempe – 4400 South Rural Road, Tempe, Arizona 85282

Lunch with AZ Cardinal Matt Ware

It looked like it was shaping up to be a typical Wednesday afternoon at the Bulwark marketing department. And then at 11:16am it hit. Matt Ware, defensive back for the Arizona Cardinals tweets out: “Any Birdgang wanna meet at Smashburger on Rural and Baseline? Going right now on me.”

Wait, you mean that a member of our hometown Cardinals is inviting everybody to come say hello and get a bite to eat with him? We tweeted back just to make sure he’d still be there if we made the 30 minute drive out to Tempe. He responded “We’ll be chillin’ for a minute. Come thru!”


We all hopped in the car and made our way down to Tempe. Sure enough, there he was. Also with him was his teammate, Cardinals wide receiver Max Komar.

Matt was kind enough to stand in line and chat with all of us before picking up our tab. Max also made time to chat with us and in the end we all shared a few laughs about football, basketball and baked goods.

Lunch with Matt Ware

At Smashburger with Matt Ware and Max Komar

Sherrye's Kitchen Gourmet Brownies

For us, it was fun to meet a member of the Cardinals up close and personal. On a much broader scale, it shows the connecting power that social sites like twitter and facebook can have. Isn’t that the point of it? To be…social?

Big thanks from the Bulwark crew to Matt Ware and Max Komar for sharing their lunch hour with a bunch of pest control guys.

Also in attendance and definitely worth a twitter follow were @TeamFitz11 @ThatBeChristian @SherryesKitchen (who brought Matt some of her delicious gourmet brownies shown above) @AlissaAP and @njurisin. And if any of you get a chance, stop by Smashburger. Its good grub.