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Pest Control Late Payments

A late payment can sometimes be an issue when servicing pest control. If there is lack of payment from a customer we issue a break in service. Customers often call in reporting that our service isn’t working, but when we go through the records we come to realize the customer failed to make a payment, therefore resulted in a break in service. The pest control barrier or “Bulwark” will only last for so long before the shield wears off. That’s why it is crucial to not have any latelate payments

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Scorpion stings rise with the heat

ScorpionPlease read this article about Scorpion Stings on the Rise on

Record heat in the Valley of the Sun is pushing scorpions out of their favorite hiding places in search of food and moisture. Scorpions are cold-blooded; so a scorpion’s body temperature is the same temperature as the environment it lives in. The outside temperature is the single most important environmental factor of a scorpion’s behavior, distribution, reproduction and development. Another important factor is the amount of moisture found in a scorpion’s environment; moisture influences a scorpion’s metabolism and food supply. Just like a scorpion, insects also need moisture to survive. As the summer heat dries up the moisture in the insect’s favorite hiding places, the insects begin their search for water. Scorpions, too, begin to search for moisture and because they are hunters, they also begin to search for insects; which have began to migrate to environments with more moisture. A favorite hiding place for bugs and scorpions is in the moisture found in the beautiful grass and shrubs surrounding your home. Even though the desert is parched from the summer’s heat, your landscaping is a haven of shelter, heat and moisture; three of the most important factors for an insect’s survival.

If you have encountered scorpions before, you have likely heard that a scorpion can fit through a gap the size of a credit card. Scorpions are constantly on the hunt for insects and often find their way into a home in its continued search for food and moisture. Its no wonder that scorpions are running into humans at an alarming rate and according to the Banner Poison Control Center, scorpion stings are on the rise. In fact, in the past 24 hours or more, the Banner Poison Control Center received over 70 reports of scorpion stings.

“A recent study by the Banner Good Samaritan Poison and Drug Information Center showed that 33 percent of scorpion sting victims were stung in the bedroom with 24 percent being stung in the living room and only 6 percent in the bathroom. The study also showed most people, 60 percent, were stung on the hand or bare foot.” read more…

If you are stung by a scorpion, contact Poison Control immediately at 1-800-222-1222.

Scorpion Control-Pest Control by Bulwark Exterminating

Parents discuss their concerns about when they found a scorpion in their home with a Bulwark Exterminating specialist. Afraid for the safety of their baby, they decide that they should take action against scorpions, and called Bulwark Exterminating to provide pest control services, and safety for their little child.

The Best RV Mattress Options to Help Avoid Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are nasty parasitic insects that feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals including humans. Bed bugs are most typically found in hospitals, apartments, hotels, buses, homes and rv mattress types. They love traditional mattresses and they are very hard to get rid of and prevent unless you learn how.

Infestation causes for bed bugs are not really known, but it does not have anything to do with poor hygiene. All it takes is one bed bug to catch a ride in your clothing to infest your home or RV. FYI: It is not common that bed bugs transmit infections or illnesses through biting. Infections can be transmitted rarely if a bed bug is smashed and has blood left from feeding off another person that has an infection.

It is not common for you to be able to tell when a bed bug is feeding on your blood, but they do leave tell tale signs like an itchy rash. You can most likely find them by checking for moldy spots on your mattress or furniture. They are found commonly on second hand furnishings and mattresses, so you should treat anything you have bought second hand. This means an exterminator has to be hired.

One of the biggest issues today is the concern of people using RVs and the increase in bed bug infestations. You can prevent this to a large extent by choosing the right kind of rv mattress for your recreational vehicle. You can be sure that traditional mattresses make bed bugs happy, whereas latex and memory foam mattresses are not a happy place for bed bugs.

When it comes to rv mattress selection you want to look for hypoallergenic memory foam or latex mattresses. These are the least susceptible to bed bugs and one of the many benefits of memory foam and latex mattresses. Some of the other benefits is little to no transfer movement, comfort and proper body support.

In conclusion, you need to do a little researsch before you choose an rv mattress. Make sure the label or the information in the description online states that it’s hypoallergenic. You can further prevent bed bugs in an RV by following a few guidelines like using mattress covers and taking precautions to keep your clothing as far from your bed as possible.