Heavy Rains Close Phoenix Children’s Museum

By | August 13, 2014

PXH_Museum_FloodThe rains came down and the floods came up…

Last night’s monsoon in the Phoenix Valley brought violent gusts of wind, black clouds, turbulent dust billows, and heavy sheets of rain. Lots and lots of rain! I know because I happened to by driving home when the storm hit and for a moment there I thought it might be the end of all humanity!

On my way to work this morning I noticed no less than 30 trees had been up-rooted, or at least had branches ripped off by the heavy winds. Even one of our Bulwark Exterminating signs had been torn halfway off.

It wasn’t just signs and trees that took the blunt of the monsoon storm. Our beloved Children’s Museum of Phoenix received so much rain; it flooded the entire first floor!

Heavy Rains Close Phoenix Children’s Museum

Bad news. The first floor Climber and atrium space at the Phoenix Children’s Museum was flooded by last nights heavy monsoon rains; and that means these areas will be closed until further notice while repairs are made and the area is dried. The damage is currently being assessed.

The good news is that the second and third floor exhibits are still open and where not damaged by the storms. These areas include the Art Studio, Noodle Forest, the Market, the Cafe, and Building Big.

Museum_FloodDonate To Atrium Repairs

I have spent a lot of time at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix with my daughter, and I’m saddened to hear about the flooding of the first floor. I hope we can get the repairs done quickly, so all of us in Arizona can get back to enjoying the museum.

The carpet in the atrium all needs to be replaced. You can do your part to help reopen the museum by making a donation. By making a $50 donation, you can adopt a carpet square! Your donation will be acknowledged on a sign in the atrium.

Click here to make a donation today!

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