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By | April 2, 2014

Arizona Palm TreesNestled in the beautiful landscape of the Arizona desert, sits the small town of Fountain Hills. The centerpiece of the city is the 300 foot fountain that will shoot up from the lake in down town.  The fountain will shoot off every hour for a time of 15 min.  Fountain Hills’ population is about 22,500 and continues to grow every year.  Most people are drawn to Fountain Hills for its beauty, and for the Arizona weather. Year-round, Fountain Hills’ weather is sunny and perfect for hiking, biking, walking the dog, and swimming. The weather does pose an opposition; the pests in Fountain Hills will also love the weather.

What pests live in Fountain Hills? 


With the weather never going below freezing for months at a time, the number of pests in Fountain Hills just keeps growing. Some of the pests that live in Fountain Hills are: crickets, cockroaches, earwigs, spiders, ants, and scorpions.

Where are these pests found?


Scorpion On Rock

Each pest will have a different need to survive, so each pest will be found in different areas. Crickets and cockroaches will live by the base of plants. At the base of plants crickets and cockroaches will eat the roots and drink the water from the drippers. Earwigs eat organic matter that is decomposing. Areas that have a lot of decomposition include: where the sidewalk or the fountain of the home meets the grass and where plant leaves gather and build up. Spiders will live in areas where other pests are frequently traveling. These high traveled areas are up higher in the eaves of the home, or down lower by the base of the home. Ants will be found all around the yard and in homes. The most feared pest, the scorpions, will be found hiding in the fences, under rocks, in pool equipment and in the home.

Fountain Hills Pest Control 


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