A Roach Ate My Donut

By | April 15, 2014

There I was, reading the morning newspaper and enjoying a cup of coffee with my favorite morning pastry.

I swear, I was having dreams about that Boston Crème donut, as I have been anticipating it’s velvety custard hit my tongue.

I reach down, about to take my first glorious bite, and… It’s gone!!!

See for yourself:

A Roach Ate My Donut Video


My first thought was to blame my wife, but I know it wasn’t her because she’s been on a diet.

I began scoping out my kitchen, only to discover it was a vile, disgusting, disease spreading cockroach that was the culprit.

half donutA ROACH ATE MY DONUT!!!

It wasn’t enough that he ate it. Afterward he ran off into a dank, dark corner to puke it up only to enjoy it once again. Gross!

I’m tired of sharing my food with roaches! It seems like they’ll eat just about anything; but stealing my donut crosses the line! I’m calling Bulwark Exterminating!

Bulwark Exterminating Roach Control


If you are tired of seeing cockroaches in your kitchen, nibbling on your food when you’re not looking, it’s time to get professional cockroach control. These roaches that have been stealing your food, are also know for spreading diseases, worms, and bacteria; as well as causing allergies and asthma.

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