Stung By A Scorpion- How Do I Know?

By | February 19, 2014

Scorpion On RockIt’s been a long day of laundry, grocery shopping, taking the kids to soccer practice and dance class. You’re exhausted! The only thing you want to do is sleep! You pull back the covers and wearily throw yourself into your bed. It feels amazing, like you’re floating on a cloud. You’re about to drift off, when you feel it!


While lying in bed, something either bites you or stings you! You frantically rip the covers off your bed, looking for the culprit. No luck. You cannot find it. As your body begins to ache near the bite or sting, your mind begins to worry. What got me? What if it is a scorpion?!?

It’s no secret that Phoenix is home to the dreaded Arizona Bark Scorpion. Here are some signs and symptoms of a scorpion sting.

Signs & Symptoms Of Scorpion Stings


If you are stung by a scorpion, there is a good change you may not be able to determine the exact sting spot. There will definitely be some pain and burning in the general vicinity of the sting, and there will also be some redness and swelling. Near the sting site you will be able to see some fluid accumulating under the skin; also known as edema.

After a sting, the site will be very sensitive and tender; especially to touch, cold, or heat. You may experience numbness and tingling as well. I know that it is difficult to tell, but regional lymph node enlargement may also occur.

Reactions To Scorpion Stings



Scorpion sting reactions can range from mild pain and feeling uncomfortable, to very sever reactions. Those who are hypersensitive to insect bites or stings, or those with insect allergies, are more susceptible to these sever reactions.

Severe reactions can include:

  • Numbness in face
  • Blurring vision,
  • Muscle twitching
  • Thick tongue sensation
  • Hyperactivity
  • Difficulty in breathing

If you feel like any of these reactions are occurring, seek medical attention immediately. Scorpion stings can lead to respiratory failure, metabolic acidosis (possible coma & fatality), sever multi-organ system disease.

If You’re Stung

If you are stung by a scorpion, do not panic. Doing so will only increase your already elevated (from venom) blood pressure. Most stings can be treated at home. Wash the sting with warm soapy water. Apply antiseptic. You’ll also want to apply a cold compress ten minutes on, ten minutes off to reduce swelling. Take Tylenol as needed.

Seek medical care if you experience any of the severe symptoms listed above, or if pain and swelling do not subside after four hours. Additionally, children or the elderly should seek immediate medical attention if stung by a bark scorpion.

scorpion tailScorpion Stings

Scorpion stings can range from mildly irritating to fatal; depending on the species of scorpion and personal reactions to stings. Unfortunately, the most common species of scorpion in Arizona is also the most dangerous. While stings from Arizona Bark Scorpions can be deadly, most scorpion stings can be compared to bee or wasp stings.

Scorpions do not transmit diseases, and the size and appearance of a scorpion does not correlate with medical importance. Scorpion stings resulting in death are far more common in other parts of world. In Brazil, some 5000 people reported scorpion stings every year which results in 48 deaths annually.

Phoenix Scorpion Control

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