Scorpion Babies

By | January 14, 2014

scorpion babiesIf you are an enthusiast of all things creepy-crawly, it’s a sight to behold. If you are a homeowner, seeing them in your home is your worst nightmare.

I’m talking about SCORPION BABIES! It’s true—female scorpions will birth live scorpions, and even carry them on her back as they grow. The entire process, from courtship to scorpion adulthood is quite a magnificent site to behold, unless you’re a homeowner!

Dancing Scorpions

Have you ever seen a pair of scorpions locked up together, almost like they were fighting? They awkwardly dart around, giving you the impression that they are trying to learn the waltz or something—They appear to be dancing!

What these scorpions are actually doing is performing an elaborate courtship, a courtship which will eventually lead to baby scorpions. Here’s how it all goes down:

A male scorpion locates a female, and they engage in a “courtship dance.” The two scorpions will grasp each other’s pinchers (technically called pedipalps), and dart around like they are clumsily dancing together. While doing this the male scorpion selects a location to place his sperm packet. All that maneuvering or dancing is actually the male forcing the female towards the location of the sperm packet for her to pick it up.

Watch the amazing video below:

Amazing Video: Dancing Scorpion Courtship


Scorpion Babies

scorpion babiesAfter the courtship, the female scorpion will gestate the baby scorpions (scorplings) for five to twelve months. Yes, gestation can take as long as a year. After this, the female scorpion will give live birth to her young.

The average number of scorpions that are birthed is 26! The female scorpion will carry her litter on her back for about two weeks; when they eventually hop off and molt some five or six times before reaching adulthood themselves.

Scorpions will live three to eight years, unless you call a scorpion exterminator.

Phoenix Scorpion Control

I know it’s kind of cool to see these baby scorpions, but keep in mind that these baby scorpions will grow up and have babies of their own. You don’t want your home overrun with stinging scorpions. To eliminate the problem for good, it’s best to get professional Phoenix scorpion control!

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