Top 3 Pests In Phoenix

By | November 18, 2013

I recently moved to the Phoenix valley (Queen Creek to be exact) from Flagstaff, and was wondering how to best protect my family from pests. I had the chance to talk to Bulwark Exterminating about getting protected, and asked what the three most common pests that they treat are?

Here are the top three pests in Phoenix, determined by the number of calls to Bulwark Exterminating:

3. Crickets


I must admit, I was a little surprised when I was told that crickets are the third most called about pest in Phoenix, but it makes sense. When was the last time you only saw one cricket? Crickets infest in bunches, and when doing so will cause damage to your home, your lawn, and even your clothing. Often it is synthetic fabrics that are most damaged, although cotton, wool and silk are also attacked as well. The worst part about crickets? They attract other pests like scorpions and spiders; as they frequently dine on crickets. If you are frequently seeing crickets around your home or property, you need Phoenix cricket control!

2. Black Widow Spiders

Black Widow spider

I never realized just how big of a problem the Black Widow spider was in the Phoenix area, until I moved to Queen Creek last summer. I often see them in my back yard, as they frequently build their webs underneath my patio furniture, along the awnings of my house, and under the water boxes. Apparently I’m not the only one seeing them, as they are the number two most called about pest in the valley. The main reason so many people call in about them, is because of their venomous bites. When a female Black Widow spider does bite, she does so with one of the most potent venoms secreted by any organism on the planet. Although people rarely die from a Black Widow spider bite, but victims may experience severe pain, brutal muscle cramps, excruciating abdominal pain, dizziness, weakness and tremors. If you are bitten, get help! To avoid getting bit, make sure you enlist the services of a Phoenix exterminator.

1. Arizona Bark Scorpions

Arizona Bark Scorpion

I know I should get the captain obvious award for reporting that the Arizona Bark scorpion is the number one pest in the Phoenix Valley. Yeah, duh! Next I’m going to tell you that water is wet. When it comes to scorpions, homeowners want no part of them. We may be able to put up with a few roaches or crickets here or there, but not scorpions! The reasons are obvious… They sting; they hide in our shoes and bed sheets, and they are just downright U-G-L-Y! Scorpions are very hard to get rid of on your own. You must enlist the services of a Phoenix scorpion exterminator to best control their populations.

Phoenix Pest Control

If you are seeing crickets, Black Widow spiders, Bark scorpions, or any other type of Arizona pest, it’s time to call a Phoenix exterminator!

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