Pest Sniffing Dogs: A Cost Effective Way To Avoid Infestations

By | November 25, 2013

Dogs are extremely faithful companies. Many industries, such as the military and police, use them for their sharp sense of smell, keen eyes, and fierce loyalty. Since dogs are adaptable, versatile, courageous and trainable, they are perfect for the police force. In fact, since dogs are so applicable to do police work, they would be insane if they didn’t use dogs. However, the police are not the only ones using dogs. Currently, pest control services are using man’s best friend too. They are accomplishing this through a method called canine scent detection. In other words, they are using dogs to “sniff out” pest infestations.

Trained to Find Pests 

Why should I use canine scent detection?

Canine scent detection is fast. This makes pest control a quick and seamless process. These dogs undergo training in insect detection daily are certified by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA).

What is this NESDCA?

The NESDCA is an organization made of Pest Control Owners/Operators. They have accredited facilities for dog training. They are dedicated to maintaining high standards for pest control services. The NESDCA also strives to have good entomology scent-detecting teams, and want consumers to be informed about the benefits of canine scent detection. Their dogs and dog handlers know how to efficiently locate and get rid of pest problems. They also do entomology research.

The Benefits of Using Canine Scent Detection 

Powerful and quick service

So why should I uses canine scent detection in pest control? Well, first off, you will save money. Canine scent detection is very cost effective. Secondly, canine scent detection is very accurate. A dog can perform an inspection of a very large are in a short amount of time and are capable of detecting pest in areas humans have trouble accessing by themselves. They can easily sniff their way through out an entire office or apartment complex. Additionally, they will find the exact point of infestation. This is great for the environment because with canine scent detection pest control services don’t have to use as much pesticide.


Moreover, canine scent detection is more credible than other forms of pest control services. A dog is not going to try to swindle you. They will merely show you where an infestation is located. Then you a can figure out what you’re invested with and what types of pesticide will eliminate the problem in the fastest way possible. Additionally, pest sniffing canine are great for maintaining company image.

Allows you to perform a pre-emptive strike on pest

Canine scent detection can detect an infestation before they become a serious threat. This is important for running a business. Just think about it. Which one of these situations would ruin how you view a business: one part of a building being tied of for the day because a pesticide was applied there, or an entire building being fumigated for an entire week? For me it would be the latter. Although the first situation is not optimal, it’s a lot less scary then the latter scenario. The NESDCA provides dogs that you can trust will prevent the latter scenario.

Still skeptical?

So you’re still not convinced. Well just think about the police. The Canine Unit of the police force assists officers with serious crimes and crisis. They can easily find missing children and serious criminals. They also use dogs to find dangerous illegal material like narcotics, alcohol, and explosives. Dogs are also used in crowd control, to protect people, in hostage situation, and in rescue missions. If after hearing that I can’t convince you dogs are intelligent, adaptable, and capable of handling stressful situation, I don’t know what would. Trust me, if a dog can find a bomb, they can find pest.

Dogs- They are man’s best friend and much more. They are also man’s protector. Dogs can keep your home pest-free. You won’t regret their highly-specific and targeted pest control service.

This article was written by Jonathan Gray, who works for a pest control service in Ocean County, which relies on the assistance of canines to weed out pest infestations in homes.

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