ABC15 In Phoenix Talks To Bulwark About Bugs In Cool Weather

By | October 15, 2013

Every now and then we get phone calls here at Bulwark Exterminating from the local news stations in the cities we service. ABC-15 in Phoenix recently reached out to us wanting to know a little bit more about the current bug activity now that temperatures have dropped dramatically in the past several weeks.

They spoke to our technician, Adele Shields, about the bug activity that we as exterminators typically see in the desert during this time of year.

Take a look…

While scorpions are by far the biggest and most well-known bug problem in Phoenix in the summer, all the other critters remain active and productive during the cold, winter months. As Thomas and Adele point out, ant colonies will continue to go about their business. We, as residents, sometimes provide optimal conditions that invite and harbor unwanted bugs on our properties. As mentioned, be sure your home is properly sealed and protected from allowing bugs on the outside from making their way into the interior spaces of the house.

Winter is particularly a time when roaches continue to thrive and populate in and around the house. Arizona may be an inherently dry state, but as the temperature drops in the night time, dew and moisture now has an opportunity to form and collect. During the day, temperatures rise and provide just enough warmth to give insects like roaches and crickets the best of both worlds.

It is also worthy to mention that while scorpions are the most active during the summer, some tend to remain active during the winter. Those scorpions that find themselves in an exposed environment will actually hibernate to survive the frigid temperatures. Those that find themselves in a protected space, such as an insulated attic or in a box in the garage may never experience enough cold to trigger their internal clocks to notify them to start the hibernation process. We still highly recommend being cautious when handling objects that may be in places like the garage, shed and storage spaces inside the home.

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