Infographic: Breaking Down The Pest Test Word Search

By | September 16, 2013

Last June, Bulwark Exterminating posted a word search puzzle on their Facebook page. Like all word search’s, there were a number of words hidden within… These words just happen to be pests. Some of these pests are scary, like the scorpion or a spider. Some of the pests hidden within were meek; like the gnat. The response to the word search puzzle was quite impressive, and easily became the most engaging social media piece the pest control company has ever shared. Just in case you missed the puzzle out their on Facebook, this is what was posted:

Word Search Of Pests

Word Search of Pests


As the comments on the puzzle grew, we decided to take a good look the numbers. The following infographic breaks down by percentage, the most frequently found pests in the puzzle:

Note: The percentages were figured at 10,000 comments, but the current number of Facebook comments is currently reaching 12,500.

Bulwark Word Search Puzzle Infographic


Infographic Pests In Wordsearch


What Pest Is Feared The Most?

Just for fun, I decided to take a look at the results and see if your findings happened to be the pest you feared the most. I guess I was trying to find out if the word “scorpion” stood out more because that is what you were afraid of.

Scorpion. There’s no question that scorpions are the most feared pest. Not a shocker. Scorpions are just creepy as they hide in your bed sheets and inside your shoes.

Rice. This one was just weird. Bulwark asked everyone to find a pest. rice is not a pest. Not only do many of you consider “rice” a pest, but you fear it more than wasps, bedbugs and lice. I guess if you’ve had a really bad experience with rice, that could make sense. Maybe an unpleasant experience at the dinner table or on a date at a restaurant.

Spider. Enough said. yup, they’re creepy!

Cat. Yeah, I guess some people consider cats pests, but animal control and pest control are two separate things. I personally am a cat person, so I didn’t get it.

Wasp. Wasps come next, that’s understandable. After that the next pest most discovered was… ice. Ice? Yeah, ice. Apparently over 700 of you have some sort of pest-like phobia of ice. In fact, that even has a name: Pagophobia. I’m not even kidding!

Some Of The Rest. “Bugs”, “roach”, “fly” and “bedbugs” follow that. I was thinking that some of those would be a higher percentage, but whatever. I’m not here to judge anybody.

Cop. Okay, okay… I’m scared of cops as well. Too many speeding tickets I guess. Some 200 respondents noticed or have a fear of cops. No explanation needed there! I get it.

Soda. Dead last on the list is an item we consider to be of considerable debate. “Soda” ranks at the very bottom. To some in this office, it is truly the sweet nectar of life. The sustenance from which all things grow and bloom. The lifeline to the lives we lead. But we understand there is a big health-kick going around, so we’ll allow it on the list.

Well, there you go. How did your findings compare to the rest of the world? 

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