5 Interesting Facts About Insects

By | September 3, 2013

CicadasThe world is well acquainted with the little critters we know as insects. With billions upon billions of them gracing every stretch of land in the world it’s hard to imagine living without them. While insect annoyances bug every human in the world it’s also important to note that these critters can be rather important to a healthy ecosystem in general. Their important contributions to animal and plant life are well noted and studied yet many people don’t know the simplest of things about insects.

All too often these bugs are simply looked at as pests that must be eradicated. Yet understanding these bugs allows people to generate a better respect for these creatures. Within this article I will attempt to disseminate both interesting facts as well as simple fun facts that anyone could appreciate.

1. Insects Can Get Loud!!!

Many people are well aware that insects can make fairly loud noises for their relative size. Yet few people are aware of how truly loud these tiny bugs can get. Cicadas alone are capable of producing one hundred and twenty decibels of noise. While these numbers may surprise some readers, many other readers are well aware of the loud screech of the cicada. Having lived in Virginia myself I was witness to their mating cycle in which thousands of cicadas came out of hibernation and began mating as well as producing their signature loud buzzing noises.

2. Going The Distance

Tiny insects are often capable of performing incredible acts of strength or endurance that humans couldn’t possibly fathom. Many people are unaware of just how far bugs will travel in order to find food or a new nesting place for a future colony. For instance, the common bee may fly as far as sixty miles in a single day while searching for resources. One of the more well known facts involves ants, who are able to carry a whopping fifty times their own body weight. Just imagine being able to travel sixty miles in a single day with ease, or having the capability to carry fifty times your own body weight, it’s truly fascinating.

3. Variety Galore

The average American deals with at most ninety one thousand different kinds of insect species within the United States. Worldwide the number of different insect species is as numerous as one million five hundred thousand varying types of bugs.

honeybee4. Herbivorous or Carnivores?

Most people are truly unaware of the ratio of carnivorous insects to herbivorous insects. I myself was one of those people until about two weeks ago when I was informed of this by an animal and bug loving friend of mine. The reality is that only one third of all insects are carnivorous with the rest being peaceful herbivorous. It’s also notable that most carnivorous insects hunt for food as opposed to scavenging off decaying carcasses or animal droppings.

5. Honeybees & History

This is more of two facts than one single fact. I simply wanted to discuss two last interesting facts. First honeybees require about ten million trips to collect enough nectar to product a single pound of honey. Honeybees also improve the quality of our ecosystem and yet somehow are being eradicated at an alarming rate. If this trend continues the vegetation of the earth will lose many types of plants. The other fact I wished to talk about was the simple age of the earliest insect. They have been present for about three hundred and fifty million years! This exceeds our time on this earth by millions and millions of years.

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