17 Uncommon Cicada Facts

By | July 15, 2013

Cicada On HandAlthough cicadas look ugly and strange, they are not dangerous. Cicadas typically live in trees or underground. They are very loud, noisy insects that make a clicking sound. Even if you have never seen one you have probably heard one.

1. Although the Cicadas do fly, they do not fly well. They are clumsy in the air and often bump into things. They also attempt to mate with dead females or other males.

2. The only continent where Cicadas cannot be found is Antarctica, but they can be found in every other continent throughout the world.

3. In one reproductive cycle, female Cicadas can lay between 400 to 600 eggs before dying.

4. Motors like those of lawn mowers, cars, or gas blowers can attract females.

5. Through digging, Cicadas aerate your lawn naturally. Cicadas shed when they outgrow their current shell. These shells also provide your lawn with essential nitrogen for growth.

6. Another strange fact about Cicadas is that when they hatch they emit an offensive odor.

7. Cicadas are vegetarians. Adults feed on plant stems sucking the sap directly from the stems. On the other hand, newborn nymphs must feed on the sap that is already oozing from trees.

8. In some instances, they can grow to be 4 inches long.

Cicada Swarm9. Imago is the name for a male Cicada.

10. Locusts and Cicadas do not come from the same species, as many people believe. Cicadas are instead a relation of the Aphid.

11. In many cultures, including the U.S. eating Cicadas is considered a delicacy. The taste is often compared with canned Asparagus.

12. These bugs cause major damage to crops but are not dangerous to animals or people. Although they do not bite or sting, if they remain on your body, they may attempt to feed mistaking you for a tree limb. This is not dangerous to you but can be painful and is a rare occurrence.

13. The Cicada is a symbol of rebirth in China.

14. Cicadas use mating calls to attract the opposite sex. The species of Cicada, which inhabit Illinois, have different mating sounds depending on which part of the state they reside.

15. The Cicada has the loudest sound of any insect. The call of this insect is so loud that it can be heard up to a ½ mile away. If this insect was close enough to a person’s ear, its sound could cause hearing loss.

16. The lifespan of a Cicada is extremely short; they only live from 2 to 40 days once they become an adult.

17. There are over 2,500 species of these insects in the world. The U.S. species only swarm every 13 to 17 years spending the remainder of the time underground.

It is a common assumption that Cicada have two eyes. However, what most people don’t know is in between their two prominent eyes are an additional three eyes. These additional eyes are called ocelli. You would think with five eyes Cicada would not have issues with flight, but these eyes are not for sight they are simply light sensors.

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