Pest Control Myths Debunked

By | June 17, 2013

Roach_On_CrackerSummer brings lots of fun in the sun, but it also brings heaps of insects/vermin ready to invade your home. These pests can appear just about anywhere. The bathroom, kitchen and even your bedroom aren’t off limits from creepy crawlers. Some people go to great lengths to ensure their home is free of these troublemakers. This includes hiring specialists, buying indoor and outdoor bug spray, placing traps and repellants. That is what the average consumer does. Many still harp on the age old myths that their home is safe from bugs simply because their home is scrubbed clean. People need to remind themselves that just because a place appears to be sparkly clean does not mean it does not have a pest control problem. Even five star restaurants and hotels get bugs too. This article is going to pinpoint various myths that society has about pest control and debunk them. 

Myth #1: My pet cat is all the pest control I need. 

Do you really think your cat wants to be an exterminator? A house infested with mice or rats aren’t going to be scared off by a single cat. Just because you think “Bandit” can track the mouse that’s been keeping you up all night, does not mean your cat is feeling up to the task. In fact, mice may be attracted to your pets food or droppings. Mice are small and can reach areas in your home that might be out of the line of sight of your cat. There are many variables involved. Do not rely on your cat to take care of a pest problem.

Myth #2: Mouse traps work best with cheese.

Unfortunately, this long standing myth stems from several cartoons and spread by word of mouth. Just like humans, mice adore sugar. Foods such as bits of cereal, cookies, bread, peanut butter and anything laced with sugar appeal to rodents more than a piece of cheese.

Myth #3: I don’t see a pest control issue, so I don’t have one.

With that attitude, it won’t be long before a real problem occurs. Proper inspection of a home is a must. Termites or carpenter ants can wreak havoc upon the structure of a home before any signs of a pest problem occur. Bed bugs alone can cause serious respiratory problems, allergic reactions, infection from bites and anemia. Why take the chance? At the end of the day, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Myth #4: Pesticides are toxic.

Professional pest control companies use products that are thoroughly tested and are not dangerous to humans or pets. If that were indeed true, people would never consider letting a pest control technician into their home because fear of obnoxious fumes.

termitesMyth #5: A house built on concrete or brick is safe from termites.

This is completely false. It does not matter what a house is made of on the outside. A termite can easily travel into cracks or foundation of a home and damage the wood inside the home.

Many myths out there that has yet to be debunked. These are just a handful that society continues to cling to. Hopefully this article shed some light about pest control and managed to separate fact from myth. Bug problems begone!

About the author: Chris is a blogger for a union pest control company.

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