Neon Splash Dash Phoenix Has Scorpions

By | May 15, 2013

BWI_6347The Neon Splash Dash 5K was held last weekend at Talking Stick Resort and Casino in Scottsdale, AZ. Some 6,000 runners took part in the event and also got the opportunity to see some glow in the dark neon scorpions. Bulwark Exterminating was on hand to race as team scorpion, and to also answer questions regarding our Phoenix scorpion pests. It was a night to remember.

Bulwark Exterminating At Phoenix Neon Splash Dash

The weather was perfect as the sun set over Scottsdale’s Talking Stick Resort. Over 6,000 runners and spectators, dressed in white and neon clothing, eagerly awaited the start of the Neon Slash Dash 5K run. Before and after the race, participants got an up close look at some of Arizona’s native scorpions. Black lights lit up Arizona Bark scorpions and Desert Hairy scorpions so they eerily glowed, just like many of the neon clad runners.

Runners and spectators shared horror stories of their own about times they had been stung by a scorpion. Each took turns shining black lights on the scorpions and gasped as they would glow a bright green.

The scorpion professionals of Bulwark Pest Control were also on hand, with a couple of impressive scorpion trucks, to answer any questions about the stinging scorpions. One fortunate winner also received a free initial scorpion service by winning a raffle drawing.

Bulwark exterminating also fielded a team of runners for the Neon Splash dash; adequately named Team Scorpion. Everyone in attendance had a great time during the event, and Bulwark Exterminating will definitely be back next year.

BWI_6456The Neon Splash Dash In Phoenix

The brightest and wildest running event to ever hit the Phoenix, AZ area is the Neon Splash Dash. Runners get squirted by super intense ultraviolet glow water as they sprint, jog, walk, and even dance through music enhanced glow zones. Jammin’ music keeps you pumped to ensure you cross the finish line… Cross the finish line completely covered in neon glow water.

After the race, the party goes on with a massive dance party as a DJ continues to pump out the hit music during the Neon Splash Dash’s after glow party. Neon clad racers visit also visit vendors, and get their pictures taken under the ominous black lights. It’s an event like none other.

Learn more about the Neon Splash Dash by clicking here.

Phoenix Scorpion Control

Runners and spectators of the Neon Slash Dash had the opportunity to get educated by Bulwark Exterminating as to the importance of professional scorpion control in Phoenix. Scorpion control can be the difference between getting stung by a scorpion, and resting easy at night knowing your home is protected.

If you live in the valley of the sun, and want to live scorpion free, get Phoenix scorpion control.

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