Arizona Mountains Home To Newly Discovered Scorpions

By | April 2, 2013

Photo by Rich Ayrey

A variety of different species of scorpions, some 50 overall, call Arizona home. Remarkably, scorpion species are still being discovered.

There have been six different mountain scorpions discovered recently, including two this year alone. These discoveries were made in the Santa Catalina Mountains near metropolitan Tucson, AZ.

Arizona Mountains Home To Newly Discovered Scorpions- Two In Fact

Imagine camping in the Tucson mountains. You’re doing a little exploring, turning over rocks and such. You turn over a piece of bark, and see something you’ve never seen before. A unique scorpion!

That’s exactly what happened to a Dr. Rich Ayrey, and his wife, last month. The new scorpion species was discovered in the Santa Catalina Mountains, and when they saw it, they knew they had found something special.

The new discovery of the Vaejovis deboerae came just a short time after Ayrey found a separate and new species of scorpion named Vaejovis brysoni in the same mountains. Pictures of this scorpion, pictured above, went viral because of the white colored babies the scorpion was carrying on her back.

As a scorpion enthusiast, and an avid outdoorsman, Dr. Ayrey has assisted in discovering, cataloging, and naming five different species of scorpions. Ayrey, and other entomologists were surprised that the two different species of mountain scorpions were found so close together. Typically, scorpions are territorial. They don’t like sharing their range.

The entomologists were also surprised that the new scorpions went undiscovered for so long, since they were so close to metro Tucson. Most new species discoveries come from areas untouched by man, like the rainforest. It’s just more proof of how little we really know about the creatures living in our own backyards.

Characteristics of Newly Discovered Scorpions

Mountain scorpions, like the two new discovered scorpions, are dark brown in color. They range in size, but full grown they are about two inches in length. These scorpions live in elevations around 6,000 feet. They are also shaped differently then other scorpions, with different proportions and claws.

Like all other scorpions, these newly discovered species birth live baby scorpions, in which the mother will carry on her back. The new scorpion species venom is expected to be less toxic, just like other mountain scorpions, then that of a bark scorpion. A sting by a mountain scorpion fells much like that of a bee sting.

Just What We Need, Another Type of Scorpion

These newly discovered scorpions have left Arizonians thinking, “Just what we need, another type of scorpion.” This is because of the reputation of the Arizona Bark Scorpion.

These newly discovered scorpions have stings equivalent to that of a bee sting. Unfortunately, the most common scorpion in Arizona, the Arizona Bark Scorpion, has a sting that’s much more malicious. Bark scorpion stings are very painful, and very common. You don’t want these scorpions anywhere near you or your family. Get Phoenix Scorpion Control.

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