Termite Extermination For Homeowners

By | March 26, 2013

Termites (Photo credit: Gnilenkov Aleksey)

Termites have been to blame for billions of dollars of damages to homes in the US each and every year.  Chemical treatments have long been the option used to fight infestations.  However, many of the agents previously used have been banned due to their effect on other parts of our ecosystem, namely the way(s) their toxicity affected humans.  We have since studied these critters and learned about them, their environments, their reproduction, and their habits.  As a result, today we have more reliable and safer methods of termite extermination.

Foam Aerosols

Aerosols are a big hit because of their ease of use.  You simply spray any cracks found along the walls and floors.  Be sure to spray any tubes and mounds you find as well.  They’re also popular because they leave no odor or stain.

Termiticide Concentrates

Termiticide is a pesticide used to kill… you guessed it, termites!  Concentrates are made of termiticides by the elimination of its base (often water or oil). Usually, those mixed with water are deemed less toxic.


Termicide can also come in just a liquid form and is then often used as a spray.  Sprays are effective against killing the termites that you see.  The only residual outcome they produce is that some work as a repellant.  Understand that as a repellent, this does not mean that such a spray would cause an evacuation of termites that are in a home.   A spray as a repellant will simply keep them away from the area that is sprayed


Termite stakes are used as baits.  Staking your home offers to these wood-eaters what they want (wood) plus a little something extra (poison).  This is a slow-acting poison though, allowing the forging termites enough time to get back to their colony and infect the other members.  Baits and stakes are a more complete option and are recommended for infestations for just about any type of pest.

With any termite control products, remember you are using chemicals and some are toxic to humans and pets.  Be sure to use caution and read all labels for safety and direction.  You should only use chemicals for their recommended use as expressed on packaging.  Once you have completed your termite extermination, you’ll want to keep your home safe from these termites.  Be sure that your termite plan involves a maintenance plan.  This will save you time, money, and effort in the future.

This article was written by Crystal Pontington. Crystal is a member of the National Home Builders Association and frequently publishes articles that relate to home maintenance, including termite treatments and other pest control issues.

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