Storm Damage Arizona Residents Often Experience

By | March 4, 2013

In Arizona storms are no strangers to our homes; they do not knock before entering, ask permission to come inside, or come bearing any house-warming gifts. We all know how important it is to look into the potential hazards of natural disasters before moving to an area. Being aware of common storms not only allows us to plan ahead and prevent any potential damage, it also allows us to purchase the proper home insurance to cover ourselves when the inevitable occurs. As the monsoons come ripping out of their pretty-wrapped paper, we cringe at the damage they can cause. As the two-inch pieces of hail pour misery on our roofs and the wind blows against our safe havens, we know that hail hath no mercy. Of course as the dust screeches across the highways right into our front porches, all we can do is insure ourselves that our homes, our cars and our families are protected from the malicious attack of Mother Nature.

Hail Damage

In October of 2010 a vicious hailstorm attacked Phoenix causing more than 2.7 million dollars in property damage. The storm impacted a colossal amount of homeowners and motorists who were stuck dealing with damage and insurance claims. For many homeowners the main victim was the roof which generally costs anywhere between ten to twenty thousand dollars to replace. Although the storm was considered a rare occurrence it is definitely a lesson to the wise on the importance of keeping a quality roof over their heads.

Flash Floods

Even with the progressive improvements of drainage in the Phoenix area, there is no doubt that flash floods are uncontrollable. Arizona is infamous for its colossal rainfall in a short amount of time, typically during monsoon season. The amount of water that accumulates in such a small amount of time can be life-threatening on the streets and damaging to one’s home. There are certain steps homeowners can take to protect their homes from these floods: elevate and flood-proof the home, create openings in the foundation that allow flood water to go in and out, install backflow valves, install sump pumps and purchase flood insurance.

Wind Damage           

Monsoon season is not a time of joy as it delivers the blow of high winds, dust storms and downpours. It is during this time of the season that homes are faced with the challenge of persevering through the rough weather conditions. For example, manufactured homes are not as sturdy as stick-built homes and do not tend to hold up well against the monsoon winds. In addition, there is a vast amount of debris as well as falling trees and power lines that wreak havoc on cars, homes and businesses.

Dust Storms  

Then there is the well-known “HABOOB” which is a blinding dust storm that is common between the months of May and September. The overall violence of this storm can lead to property damage and unsafe conditions. Whether it is hail, wind, dust or a flood, Arizona is sure to bring a fair amount of Mother Nature’s fury on its residents. The best method to weather the storm is to be prepared. Proper home insurance, roof maintenance and other home improvements can protect our homes and families.

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