Phoenix Area Hospital Reportedly Battling Bedbugs

By | March 13, 2013

Phoenix Area Hospital Reportedly Battling Bedbugs

Imagine being fast asleep in a hospital room guest chair when you are suddenly awakened by tiny, horrific bites. That’s exactly what happened to a Valley couple last week.

According to a AZCentral report, a valley woman was waiting for her husband to recover from a surgery at Mountain Vista Medical Center in Mesa, AZ.

Kathy Troutt claims to be bitten by tiny bloodsucking bedbugs that she found in inside the arms of a hospital guest chair. After the incident, the woman snapped a quick picture of the tiny culprit, and informed the hospital staff.

The couple was relocated to a different hospital room, and the room with the alleged bedbug infestation was quarantined for bedbugs.

Troutt is adamant that she didn’t bring the bedbugs into the hospital herself. When asked, she responded, “I’m certain that these did not come from me.”

While no direct public comment has been made about the incident, the Mountain Vista CEO did release the following statement:

“Our hospital follows rigorous protocols regarding pest control. If an issue is brought to our attention, it is dealt with promptly and effectively.”

Update About Incident On Yelp

Arlin Troutt, the husband to the woman who was reportedly attacked by the bedbugs, made a post on Mountain Vista Medical Center’s Yelp page suggesting that there was more to the story. Read for yourself:

Bed Bug

Bed Bug (Photo credit: agrilifetoday)


The above story illustrates that bedbug infestations are not limited to dilapidated apartment units or trailer parks. Bedbug infestations can even occur in the cleanest and most sterile of places… A hospital!

Bedbugs do not discriminate. They affect both the rich and poor alike. In fact, even celebrities battle bedbug infestations. These bloodsucking pests hitchhike on clothing and luggage looking for their next meal. Once transported, they will hide out in the furniture, mattresses, bedding, and along the floorboards of your home; awaiting their next blood meal. Bedbugs are a dark brown/red color. They are flat and oblong shaped.

Having bedbugs is nothing to be ashamed of– It does require a professional pest control strategy. If you suspect you have bedbugs in your home, get pest control today!


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