The ABC’s Of Pest Control

By | February 11, 2013
English: Ground bugs (Arocatus roeselii). Fran...

English: Ground bugs (Arocatus roeselii). Français : Des punaises rouges et noires (Arocatus roeselii). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pest control is a service you hope you never need. However, you typically only think about it when it’s too late and something has gone terribly wrong. Whether it’s termites compromising your home’s foundation, vampire bats terrorizing the attic, a lonely skunk looking to share a meal with the family cat, or one of a hundred other varieties of pest invasion, having to call pest control is just not a situation you generally want to be in.

Don’t worry though, we have put together a first-class checklist for your convenience. We’re calling it “The ABC’s of Pest Control” and it’s designed to help you avoid all manner of inconvenient encounters!

A) Get Informed

There is no point in you wasting your time preparing for a honey badger invasion in the middle of Alaska. Grizzly bear repellent, however, might be entirely warranted. The key is knowing what varieties of animals call your immediate vicinity home. Educate yourselves. There are a plethora of ways to do this, but the simplest would be doing an online search or obtaining some basic info from your local government’s Parks & Rec Department. Be thorough. Start basic and then continue your research more thoroughly. Look into common insect problems. Have termites been an issue in your area? In some areas, local varieties of ants pose a much greater risk to homes than termites. There is no default. Every area is unique. Preventative pest control is all about being informed.

B) Prepare

This step, obviously, is 100% dependent on obtaining effective information. Knowing, however, does you no good whatsoever if you do not act on it. In keeping with the research trend, look into effective ways to put your pest information to good use. Plant trees and bushes that naturally repel local invaders. Spray repellents or post repellent torches for the larger sized varmints. Put a fresh coat of sealant around the floorboards and foundation of your home. The possible combinations of preventative pest control are virtually endless. Consult a local pest control service if possible. While the internet can offer large quantities of general information, local businesses and individuals can typically provide much more specific, and consequently, effective information concerning the unique area in which you live. Don’t be bashful. A lot can be gained simply from asking.

C) Have Backup Ready

No matter how well you prepare, there is only so much you can do preventatively. Critters have a tendency of sneaking in at some point, one way or another. You can certainly opt to remove these pesky nuisances yourself from time to time, but certain pests will inevitably require professional assistance, and the last you want to be doing is shuffling through a phone book or manipulating online search terms while a skunk is chilling on your brand new living room sofa. If you took the time in step B to visit your local pest control professionals, this won’t be an issue. Having a number for quick calling on hand will make the whole ordeal much less stressful for you, your family, and maybe even the pests themselves.

We hope this basic guide helps you keep the critters at bay. Pest control is something every homeowner faces, but it doesn’t have to be a life-halter. Follow our ABC’s of Pest Control, and hopefully you’ll be pest free in 2013.

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