US Women’s National Soccer Team Plays In Phoenix

By | November 30, 2012

The US Women’s National Soccer Team plays tomorrow, Saturday Dec. 1, at University of Phoenix Stadium against Ireland. This is the second game of the US’ fan appreciation tour, after having already beaten Ireland, 5-0, on Wednesday in Portland. Both squads will square off again tomorrow in Glendale at 7:30 pm MT.

If you don’t have anything planned tomorrow night, and know of any younger kids that might enjoy the game, we highly recommend purchasing a ticket to witness one of the greatest women’s soccer teams of all time. The US national team has a record-tying 2 FIFA World Cups and stands alone atop the Olympic podium with a record four gold medals.

Here’s what to watch for tomorrow night…

“Airborne Abby”. Abby Wambach is the motor of the offense. Taller than most her teammates and competitors, Abby thrives at playing the ball in the air. Her header goals are legendary and, quite honestly, she should consider trademarking them.

“Baby Horse”. Alex Morgan is the next franchise face of US Women’s soccer. Fast and athletic, Alex has a knack for the goal and a soft touch on the ball that brings the ball to life. Her pink headbands are noticeable for anywhere in the stadium, making her easy to follow. “Baby Horse” is just her nickname.

Hope Solo. Considered the #1 goalkeeper in the world, Hope Solo makes standing in a 6-yard box look like the funnest position on the field. If a competitor scores on Solo, I suggest them keeping the ball for their personal trophy case, because it doesn’t happen very often.

For you die hard soccer fans, the team is holding its training session today at 5 pm at the stadium. Go get an autograph.  Admission is FREE!!!

If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area, and are a soccer fan, show up to the game tomorrow and cheer on Jane’s Army!

US Women’s National Team


Good luck ladies, and LET’S GO JANE’S ARMY!!!


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