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US Women’s National Soccer Team Plays In Phoenix

The US Women’s National Soccer Team plays tomorrow, Saturday Dec. 1, at University of Phoenix Stadium against Ireland. This is the second game of the US’ fan appreciation tour, after having already beaten Ireland, 5-0, on Wednesday in Portland. Both squads will square off again tomorrow in Glendale at 7:30 pm MT.

If you don’t have anything planned tomorrow night, and know of any younger kids that might enjoy the game, we highly recommend purchasing a ticket to witness one of the greatest women’s soccer teams of all time. The US national team has a record-tying 2 FIFA World Cups and stands alone atop the Olympic podium with a record four gold medals.

Here’s what to watch for tomorrow night…

“Airborne Abby”. Abby Wambach is the motor of the offense. Taller than most her teammates and competitors, Abby thrives at playing the ball in the air. Her header goals are legendary and, quite honestly, she should consider trademarking them.

“Baby Horse”. Alex Morgan is the next franchise face of US Women’s soccer. Fast and athletic, Alex has a knack for the goal and a soft touch on the ball that brings the ball to life. Her pink headbands are noticeable for anywhere in the stadium, making her easy to follow. “Baby Horse” is just her nickname.

Hope Solo. Considered the #1 goalkeeper in the world, Hope Solo makes standing in a 6-yard box look like the funnest position on the field. If a competitor scores on Solo, I suggest them keeping the ball for their personal trophy case, because it doesn’t happen very often.

For you die hard soccer fans, the team is holding its training session today at 5 pm at the stadium. Go get an autograph.  Admission is FREE!!!

If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area, and are a soccer fan, show up to the game tomorrow and cheer on Jane’s Army!

US Women’s National Team


Good luck ladies, and LET’S GO JANE’S ARMY!!!


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I’m Even Thankful For These

Of course I’m thankful for the important stuff in my life – my wife, my kids, our health, my job, our extended family, etc. That goes without saying. At the same time, I think you can be grateful for the odd things in our lives, or the things that may not be quite as important. Those experiences or opportunities still shape who we are and may lead us down one path or another. I don’t think recognizing the less important things in life is in any way vain or shallow.

Here are a few of mine…

1. Date night with the wife. We have two kids, ages two and four. I have a job. My wife has a night job. We don’t spend very many evenings together, and even when we do, it’s often spent family planning, grocery shopping or running quick errands before the stores close. We try to have a date night once a week or so. Sometimes a movie, sometimes just dinner at Chick-Fil-A, but I’m always thankful for those few precious minutes alone with my wife.

2. Riding My Bike. There is something priceless to me about getting on my bike for a solid 2-hour ride. This usually happens before work, and also before the sun rises. If I can squeeze in a good 35 or 40 mile ride before my day really begins, my day just seems to come together nicely. Most of the time it’s an opportunity for me to get away from everybody, and everything, and challenge myself physically and mentally on my own. I love being on my bike.

3. Social Media. I have personal accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I use them all extensively throughout the day. As is the purpose of social media, I’ve been able to connect with old friends, share experiences and photos with them, and be apart of their lives a little bit more. Most of my friends do not live near me, so my social accounts have indeed been a blessing to help me strengthen and renew old friendships.

4. Good Pizza. I love pizza. I absolutely love it. As a kid growing up in Southern California, Lampost Pizza was the best. Now living in Arizona, Barro’s is my spot. When I need something a little more upscale, Grimaldi’s has me covered. There are few things that I enjoy as much as a regular crust pizza with pepperoni and sausage.

5. Dr. Pepper. Let’s just be honest. If you drink soda, then who doesn’t love an ice cold Dr. Pepper. The perfect blend of 23 flavors offers the most enjoyable soft drink on the planet. I drink it after my long rides. I drink it watching a good basketball or football game. I drink it to keep me awake at my desk. If I can find any justifiable reason to drink, I will. Am I drinking one right now? Indeed, I am!

We all have lots to be thankful for this holiday season. Family and health come first. Then come the rest of the little things that make up the rest of our day.

Happy Thanksgiving from Bulwark Exterminating.

Phoenix Weed Control

the yard

 Nobody Wants Weeds

Weeds are obnoxious plants that offer no value to Phoenix, Arizona homeowners. In fact, weeds actually detract from the value of your property. Aside from their unpleasant appearance, weeds compete for important nutrients needed for the other trees and plants in your yard. Because of their rapid growth rate and their ease of germination, weeds can quickly consume your property if left untreated.

What Exactly is Weed Control?

Weed control is a maintenance program designed for an individual who wants to eliminate weeds on their property. Instead of buying chemicals and to spray every single weed that emerges on your property, preventative measures are taken to keep them from ever popping up in the first place. Sometimes weeds will return, but an effective weed control company will come by if needed for the occasional spot treatment to keep your yard looking it’s best for the entire year.

What To Look For In A Weed Control Company

  • A weed control company that guarantees their work.
  • A company with competent, well trained, licensed weed control professionals.
  • A weed control company that does quarterly treatments with you ever needing to make a phone call.
  • A company that offers convenient pest control and weed control treatments at the same, and passes the saving on to you.
  • A company that offers free retreatments any time you need them.
  • A Phoenix weed control company will take into effect the monsoon’s impact on weeds and offer pre-emergent treatments that coordinate with the rains.
  • A weed control company that uses EPA approved weed control products.
  • A company that will not leave messy dyes all over your property.



Got Weeds? Get Professional Weed Control!

Every property in Phoenix is unique. Some homeowners landscape with grass, others with rock. Some have palm trees, others cactus. One thing that all homeowners can agree on is that nobody wants weeds devaluing their property. A Phoenix weed control professional can keep your yard looking its best all year long. This will not only keep you happy, but your HOA happy as well.

Secure your biggest financial investment, by keeping your home free from weeds. Call today:

Bulwark Exterminating-Weed Control
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Weed Control Guy
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For Do-it-Yourself Weed Control

Bug & Weed Mart
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