Phoenix Cockroach Control

By | May 17, 2010

Phoenix Roach Pest Control By Bulwark Exterminating. Cockroaches are not a favorite dinner topic, but they sure do enjoy eating your leftovers. Call Bulwark.

Cockroaches Found in Phoenix

American Roaches, German Roaches, Oriental Roaches, and a few other roaches are found reproducing by the thousands, and millions in the city of Phoenix. Have a roach problem? Call Bulwark today.

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3 thoughts on “Phoenix Cockroach Control

  1. Ellie K

    This video was great, it put to rest a question I’ve been “discussing” with my boyfriend since last summer. I live in Phoenix, AZ and have had only two roach encounters, but they were horrofic. The worst was a huge one that was on the ceiling of my bathroom shower last summer. I noticed him as I was getting out, actually noticed his shadow on the wall!

    The summer prior I found another big roach crawling out of my kitchen sink. That was less traumatic. I managed to puncture his carapace with a wooden chopstick on the counter, and shoved him (and the chopstick!) down into the garbage disposal.

    The BF insisted there was no way roaches could get in the plumbing of our 50 year old brick apartment home. But I’d noticed that both of my sinks had similar positions to the floor plan in your youtube video, and I feel so vindicated! Two roaches is hardly an infestation, but I feel a lot better now that I’m fairly sure how they are getting inside!

    Thank you for a great video.

  2. mihir

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  3. PestControlPhoenix Post author

    Yes. It is a common conclusion people have that since the cockroach crawled out of the drain it must have come up through the sewers and drainage system. Yes. Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, and the rest of valley sewers do have cockroaches, but the can’t invade your home through the pipes.

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