Phoenix Scorpion Season is Just Beginning

By | March 24, 2010

Scorpion Reports are starting to flow in.  Want to find Phoenix Scorpion Hot Spots? Our Phoenix Exterminator has a map of scorpion reports in your neighborhood to help you determine if you need Phoenix Scorpion Pest Control. Mesa, Queen Creek, Chandler are all mapped with high scorpion density.  Awatukee, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek and Carefree tend to have a slightly higher scorpion call volume most likely due to the extensive dessert landscaping found in these areas.  Scorpions are found in Anthem and Maricopa as well but are a bit more spotty.  The West valley of Peoria, Glendale, and Suprise will also see moderate scorpion activity.

VIEWER ADVISORY: The following video gives a real example of the health hazards associated with scorpion stings. The images may be frightening to those that have pest fears.

Banner Poison Control Center reported 100+ calls of scorpion stings so far this month. The hospital officials say this is a substantial increase from the last month.  Your Bulwark pest control expert in the Phoenix metropolitan area says prime scorpion season is just beginning. Scorpions are most active between 75 and 90 degree weather.  As scorpions come out of the winter season and their less active dormant like or hibernation state they will began to mate and in 3 months will give live birth. A typical scorpion litter is 30-35 scorpion babies  but they can have up to 100 babies at a time.  Luckily scorpions will most likely only reproduce once per year since their gestation period is 3 months and the babies remain on the the mothers back for 2 to 4 weeks after that, leaving little chance for another reproductive cycle prior to winter.

The Scorpion Guy, AJ, is estimating that 80% of his phone current calls for pest control in Phoenix are scorpion related service requests.  Scorpion stings are climbing as temperatures go up.

Most stings are not fatal. But children are more likely to need medical attention as their bodies cannot metabolize as much venom as a grown adult. Most complications come in the form of allergic reactions to the venom. Mexico, which is home to similar dessert bark scorpions still reports a number of deaths per year due to scorpion stings. Mostly from the lack of a close hospital to help treat the victims. If a scorpion sting proves to be fatal it will happen within 24 hours of the sting. Those with sever reactions should seek medical attention immediately. Sever reactions are changes in breathing patterns, dilation of pupils, uncontrolled spasms, and paralysis.

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Scorpion stings are common at night because scorpions are nocturnal by nature. The best advice we can give for parents is that you place mason jars or glass bowls under your child bed’s footings, and that move the beds 6 to 8 inches away from the walls. Scorpions can climb walls and will often fall from the wall onto bed or from the ceiling onto the bed.

Last year’s heavier rains will contribute to more vegetation and that will contribute to more bugs which means more scorpion food, which means more scorpion activity. 2010 Scorpion Forecast is looking high.

From your Phoenix Pest Controller, check your shoes and make that a start of a scorpion free day.

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3 thoughts on “Phoenix Scorpion Season is Just Beginning

  1. Irvine Pest Control

    You should also check for any cracks or openings o both the inside and outside walls of the house. The kitchen seems to be the biggest place for pests, so take extra steps in there. Clean up dirty dishes quickly; take garbage out promptly, do not keep recyclables in the house; wipe up spills and dry them; do not leave open food containers sitting around.

  2. Ellie K

    Adam the Scorpion Guru gave an excellent consumer safety advisory on the high incidence rates of scorpion stings in the Phoenix area, without sensationalizing the danger. I’m guessing he’s a rather honest businessman!

    I spent the first 15 years of my life in southern New Mexico. My family lived on the edge of the desert near I-10, in a little house my father built for us. We all noticed that scorpions seemed to be nocturnal critters. My brothers and I were fortunate. We never get stung by a scorpion, although there were dozens of times we found them inside or near the outside of the house. Probably were lots more, we just never saw those ones!

    The article here is very good advice. My parents did EXACTLY as described:

    place mason jars…under your child bed’s footings… move the beds 6 to 8 inches away from the walls. Scorpions can climb walls and will often fall from the wall onto bed or from the ceiling onto the bed. Check your shoes!

    So true! Shake out slippers at night and outdoor shoes in the morning. I’d add only one thing: as mentioned, scorpions CAN climb walls. That means that parents (or better, kids!) must make their beds every day, at least keep those sheets and blankets off the floor!

    I remember raising a fuss cause I didn’t have a dust ruffle flounce hanging off my bed. A relative from another state gave me a beautiful pink ruffled bed skirt. It stayed on for less than a month. I’ll never forget how fast my mother ripped it off the night she turned back my sheets and found 3 scorpions lying in my bed and another climbing up that pink bedskirt that was just long enough to graze the floor.

    Thank you for your videos. You will save lives by keeping the public informed.

  3. PestControlPhoenix Post author


    Thanks for the comment. Sorry to hear you lost your pink ruffled bed skirt. But glad you didn’t loose something more valuable, like your life.

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