What is a turtle ant?

By | December 11, 2009

Turtle ants are large headed ants that use their large heads to close off the entrances to their nests. Thus the name reflects the ability to protect the ant colony by using their hard heads. Much the way a turtle protects itself with its thick skin… Yes, I know its called a turtle shell, but referencing thick skinned turtles and hard headed ants is much more entertaining. Of course it’s also cliche to note that the big headed ant uses its head like a jock uses his fists.

Another shot of the hard headed turtle ant.

Another shot of the hard headed turtle ant.

Interesting Fact About Ants in Arizona:

The state of Arizona had more ant species than any other state. So not only is home to the very unique turtle ant, but it is also home to many many more types of ants

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