A new meaning to the phrase fire ants!

By | October 21, 2009

fire antsSomething new to add to your pest profile for the already destructive carpenter ant.  These ants not only weaken your wood framing, but they are a real fire threat!… Yes, a recent fire was blamed on the home’s tiny invaders that grounded themselves, burst into flames, and caught the whole house on fire.

Get the rest of the story on the ants the burned down the house here…


Somethings you should know about other fire ants…

Fire ant colonies

You will find fire ants nesting outside near a kitchen, bathroom, water source, in wood, soil, masonry, block walls, and base of trees or shrubs. The fire ant can gain access into a home or structure through HVAC systems, power in and outlets and pipes. Fire ants have been found to nest in breaker panels, electrical boxes, and water boxes.

A fire ants diet is high in protein but will feed on almost everything. The fire ant has been known for eating through electrical and phone lines seeking out the wire insulation and soiled clothing. Its possible that these ants could also cause fires. The red fire ant is highly aggressive by nature and has been known for attacking non-responsive residents and pets. The bites  inflict pain and can result in nasty itchy welts.

fire ant stings 

Its recommended that you call a professional for all your Phoenix Ant Control needs.  We would not recommend attempting to control ants by yourself because of there aggressive nature.

But don’t get pest control, get ant control to get rid of your ants.

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