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Bees Attack – 4 Sent to Hospital

A recent AZ bee attack resulted in 4 workers being sent to the local hospital. Bees are aggressive and should be treated with caution. Most individuals are not allergic to bee stings. However, with enough stings, anyone, allergic or not, could be put in a life threatening situation. If you encounter a sever bee problem then perhaps you should call 911 before calling your a local Phoenix exterminator.

Here a couple of precautions to take around bees.

1- Do not disturb the bee hive! Bee in general will not attack unless the colony is threatened.

2- Run! If a swarm of bees becomes aggressive, run and cover your eyes and mouth as much as possible. Bees will actually target your eyes and other openings to inflict the most damage possible. So duck your head and run.

3- Don’t jump in the lake! While it may seem a good idea, and is often seen in comical TV clips, jumping into a body of water is not a good idea. You will not survive with out air and the longer you wait the more time you give the colony to catch up. Plus the first thing to come out of the water, your head, is not the target you want to make most available. Further, if you begin to hyperventilate from the bee attack being underwater will only make things worse.

4- Take proper precautions when treating a bee problem. If you decided to take a do-it-yourself pest control approach, make sure that you are properly equipped and that you follow the instructions outlined on the label.  Again, READ THE LABEL. If you hire a professional, stay away from the action.  You hired a pro so let him take the heat!


What to do if Stung by a Bee or Swarm of Bees?

If you are stung then you should consult your physician.  Common helps for bee stings are pain killers, benadryl, calamine lotion, and baking soda.  Again, consult your physician before taking or applying any of the above.  If you have a sever reaction then please go to the hospital or call 911.

This is your local Phoenix pest control company reporting not so live from sunny Phoenix AZ.

Bees Attack – 4 Sent to Hospital – Reported in Yuma, AZ.

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October 6, 2009 at 11:39 pm
  • October 10, 2009 at 4:32 amSacramento Pest Control

    Good post. I live in AZ where was this “recent AZ bee attack resulted in 4 workers being sent to the local hospital” Agree with the hire a pro and let them take the heat.

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