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By | July 31, 2009

Phoenix Pest Control Company Bulwark Exterminating is featured in the Wall Street Journal. They called asking about our green pest control service. Bulwark was one of the first to embrace the EcoSmart line of pest control products over 10 years ago. EcoSmart offers EPA exempt products made of all natural ingredients. Bulwark offers an all natural pest control solution. Local Phoenix residents comments to the Wall Street Journal about our all natural service.

“I’ve seen no excess insects since switching,” 39-year-old Ms. Kidd says, “and I’ve got bugs in the yard around my chicken coop, but not on my patio or in my house.”

Bulwark has always offered a green pest control service and for those that want an all natural pest control service, Bulwark Pest Control, Phoenix has the solution.

To read more about the Green Pest Control Article and Wall Street Journal’s All Natural pest control article click here.

Natural Pest Control Wall Street Journal

ABC Reports a Scropion Troubled home in Gilbert that has had over 300 scorpions inside.

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