What Is The Average Cost of Pest Control for a 3 Bedroom Home?

By | May 28, 2009

What’s the average cost of pest control for a 3 bedroom home? – Chandler, AZ

Pest Control prices in Phoenix AZ vary based on a number of factors.  Size of the home, how frequently the pest control company comes out, products used, and sometimes by the type of problem and the extent of the problem.  Typically a good exterminator should not fluctuate in price much based on the problem, but the frequency is important for solving scorpion problems and heavier ant and roach problems.

Frequency of visits is very important when considering price and which pest control company to go with. Some companies may advertise a $25 a month program, but they are really just selling a $75 quarterly service. And quarterly services are rarely effective in the Phoenix area. The idea should be to flush the bugs out of your home and then keep them out, not come back every quarter to flush them out again.

One of the main factors to consider are the products being used.  There are a number of generic pest control products in professional pest control… just like any other industry.   And the results vary just like any other industry.  Natural pest control products and green pest control services will run higher then a traditional pest program.  But isn’t your family’s health worth a little bit more?

From what we’ve seen the average price for regular pest control service on a normal sized home in Phoenix will run as follows:

Monthly Range: $34 – $45
Bi-Monthly Range: $57 – $95
Quarterly: $78 – $110

Again prices should be based on home size and products used. I personally would stay away from services that fall at or below the low range. It may be possible to find a good service at a lower price, but from what I’ve witnessed the products are usually cheaper and the hired help are not dedicated. Paying a few dollars more a month for a better product and better, cleaner technicians is well worth it.

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