Monthly Archives: March 2009

2009 Phoenix Bee Flash!

After several emergency phone calls over the weekend officials have put out the buzz that 2009 bee season is here. Some of the bee experts are saying that this season could be a bad one.  Wet winters means more plants, which means more pollen, which means more bees and more bee swarms. So you should expect to see more bees over the next two months.

If you are attacked by a bee swarm then call 911 immediately.

As far as bee control goes, pest control companies don’t guarantee to keep yards bee free.  They are not your typical six leged pest that will walk across a defensive line of pest products. They can fly in from anywhere.  But if you have bee hives on your property then an extirminator should be able to kill them off fairly easily.  If you want a bee removal company then you will need to look for bee removal, and pay a little more to have them safely removed from the property.