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Well’s its hard to make claims on who the best Phoenix pest control company is. I know that I have my favorite, but I am probably just a little biased. But, you can’t argue with who has the most google reviews for pest control in Phoenix. Over 200 total reviews on Google covering the Phoenix valley!

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A Roach Ate My Donut

There I was, reading the morning newspaper and enjoying a cup of coffee with my favorite morning pastry.

I swear, I was having dreams about that Boston Crème donut, as I have been anticipating it’s velvety custard hit my tongue.

I reach down, about to take my first glorious bite, and… It’s gone!!!

See for yourself:

A Roach Ate My Donut Video


My first thought was to blame my wife, but I know it wasn’t her because she’s been on a diet.

I began scoping out my kitchen, only to discover it was a vile, disgusting, disease spreading cockroach that was the culprit.

Half Eaten Donut 300x241 A Roach Ate My DonutA ROACH ATE MY DONUT!!!

It wasn’t enough that he ate it. Afterward he ran off into a dank, dark corner to puke it up only to enjoy it once again. Gross!

I’m tired of sharing my food with roaches! It seems like they’ll eat just about anything; but stealing my donut crosses the line! I’m calling Bulwark Exterminating!

Bulwark Exterminating Roach Control


If you are tired of seeing cockroaches in your kitchen, nibbling on your food when you’re not looking, it’s time to get professional cockroach control. These roaches that have been stealing your food, are also know for spreading diseases, worms, and bacteria; as well as causing allergies and asthma.

Call Bulwark Exterminating Today!


Bulwark Exterminating
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Fountain Hills Pest Control

Arizona Palm Trees Fountain Hills Pest ControlNestled in the beautiful landscape of the Arizona desert, sits the small town of Fountain Hills. The centerpiece of the city is the 300 foot fountain that will shoot up from the lake in down town.  The fountain will shoot off every hour for a time of 15 min.  Fountain Hills’ population is about 22,500 and continues to grow every year.  Most people are drawn to Fountain Hills for its beauty, and for the Arizona weather. Year-round, Fountain Hills’ weather is sunny and perfect for hiking, biking, walking the dog, and swimming. The weather does pose an opposition; the pests in Fountain Hills will also love the weather.

What pests live in Fountain Hills? 


With the weather never going below freezing for months at a time, the number of pests in Fountain Hills just keeps growing. Some of the pests that live in Fountain Hills are: crickets, cockroaches, earwigs, spiders, ants, and scorpions.

Where are these pests found?


Scorpion On Rock 2 1024x785 Fountain Hills Pest Control

Each pest will have a different need to survive, so each pest will be found in different areas. Crickets and cockroaches will live by the base of plants. At the base of plants crickets and cockroaches will eat the roots and drink the water from the drippers. Earwigs eat organic matter that is decomposing. Areas that have a lot of decomposition include: where the sidewalk or the fountain of the home meets the grass and where plant leaves gather and build up. Spiders will live in areas where other pests are frequently traveling. These high traveled areas are up higher in the eaves of the home, or down lower by the base of the home. Ants will be found all around the yard and in homes. The most feared pest, the scorpions, will be found hiding in the fences, under rocks, in pool equipment and in the home.

Fountain Hills Pest Control 


Bulwark Exterminating
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3 Easy Ways To Reduce A Rodent Problem

rat1 3 Easy Ways To Reduce A Rodent Problem

No one wants to deal with a rodent infestation. No one does—and, that bears repeating. So, homeowners, apartment dwellers and anyone who lives in a permanent or even temporary place of residence need to know what to do in order to prevent themselves from experiencing that particular problem.

It’s because having a rodent problem is ultimately unsafe. Many rodents, in fact, are carriers of many types of diseases, including Lyme disease and many types of fever-like conditions. Even having a potentially infected rodent in your home can disturb the well-being of your entire family. So, thanks to the nature of that particular issue, getting rid of rodents in your home should be your top priority.

Can you eliminate your rodent problem?


Far more people experience issues with rodents around the home. Most people are lucky enough to deal with only one or two throughout the entire time they live in their place of residence. Others, however, have a persistent rodent problem that often gains the potential to become worse. When the rodent problem gets that bad, it’s time to find solutions.

So, how can you eliminate your rodent problem? There are solutions out there, but what’s the most effective solution that’s practically guaranteed to get rid of that problem for good?

They say that the best way to prevent rodents from infesting the home is prevention… and that’s probably one of the best ways to prevent rodent problems happening before they start. At least, before you get professional help from a pest control company, anyway! So, let’s take a look at some of the easiest ways that you can get rid of your rodent problem, shall we?

Easy ways to reduce your problem with rodents


Rodents are known to reproduce fast, especially if they invade your home in mismatched pairs that may breed often. Thanks to that particular problem, it’s best to approach removing rodents from the home by preventing them from entering in the first place.

Seal everything in their sights. If there’s a way, a rodent will find their way into it. So, if your home is prone to hosting plenty of small, tight spaces, seal them immediately. Many rodents have the ability to squeeze themselves into holes that tiny—and, that’s probably the main reason why so many homes get infested in the first place.

If you find holes, gaps or spaces in your kitchen area, seal them immediately, too. Rodents are very likely to attempt gaining entry via your kitchen, side doors or even front door. Ensuring that these gaps are sealed pretty much helps keep them well out of your home.

Manage your trash and recyclables. If you don’t think that rodents will hide in your trash or recyclables, think again. Because they will. Some rodents, if they already live around your home, will hide in your trash or recyclables to eventually travel back inside your home. So, if you happened to empty your trash and bring your trash can back inside after a while, turn it over and shake it out… unless you want to bring home an unwanted visitor!

If you have clutter around the home, recycle that clutter. Rodents are also more likely to situate themselves within clutter as a form of shelter. Many rodents, to provide an example, like residing in clutter like paper and straw.

Rodent-proof your home. The best way to prevent rodents from infiltrating your home is ensuring that it’s rodent-proof in the first place.

That starts with ensuring that all of your stored food remains in containers and spaces where they can’t possibly reach. You may have to invest in kitchen wares that resist gnawing from rodents—and, that even includes getting kitchen furniture and appliances that will withstand that particular situation. You should also invest in a rodent-proof container to keep your pet food safe, too.

Of course, you shouldn’t leave out any food in your kitchen or throughout the rest of your home—and that includes pet food. Preventing rodents from entering your home is very much about stopping the possibility of your home becoming a ‘safe harbor’ for rodents to live in. When you accomplish that, you’ll pretty much make your home rodent-free for a long time.

Featured images:

Pete Kontakos enjoys writing about sports, health and animals. He is a certified wrestling coach through USA Wrestling and has experience managing in the restaurant and retail industry.

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Stung By A Scorpion- How Do I Know?

Scorpion On Rock 2 1024x785 Stung By A Scorpion  How Do I Know?It’s been a long day of laundry, grocery shopping, taking the kids to soccer practice and dance class. You’re exhausted! The only thing you want to do is sleep! You pull back the covers and wearily throw yourself into your bed. It feels amazing, like you’re floating on a cloud. You’re about to drift off, when you feel it!


While lying in bed, something either bites you or stings you! You frantically rip the covers off your bed, looking for the culprit. No luck. You cannot find it. As your body begins to ache near the bite or sting, your mind begins to worry. What got me? What if it is a scorpion?!?

It’s no secret that Phoenix is home to the dreaded Arizona Bark Scorpion. Here are some signs and symptoms of a scorpion sting.

Signs & Symptoms Of Scorpion Stings


If you are stung by a scorpion, there is a good change you may not be able to determine the exact sting spot. There will definitely be some pain and burning in the general vicinity of the sting, and there will also be some redness and swelling. Near the sting site you will be able to see some fluid accumulating under the skin; also known as edema.

After a sting, the site will be very sensitive and tender; especially to touch, cold, or heat. You may experience numbness and tingling as well. I know that it is difficult to tell, but regional lymph node enlargement may also occur.

Reactions To Scorpion Stings


4408021373 35912cceb6 n Stung By A Scorpion  How Do I Know?

Scorpion sting reactions can range from mild pain and feeling uncomfortable, to very sever reactions. Those who are hypersensitive to insect bites or stings, or those with insect allergies, are more susceptible to these sever reactions.

Severe reactions can include:

  • Numbness in face
  • Blurring vision,
  • Muscle twitching
  • Thick tongue sensation
  • Hyperactivity
  • Difficulty in breathing

If you feel like any of these reactions are occurring, seek medical attention immediately. Scorpion stings can lead to respiratory failure, metabolic acidosis (possible coma & fatality), sever multi-organ system disease.

If You’re Stung

If you are stung by a scorpion, do not panic. Doing so will only increase your already elevated (from venom) blood pressure. Most stings can be treated at home. Wash the sting with warm soapy water. Apply antiseptic. You’ll also want to apply a cold compress ten minutes on, ten minutes off to reduce swelling. Take Tylenol as needed.

Seek medical care if you experience any of the severe symptoms listed above, or if pain and swelling do not subside after four hours. Additionally, children or the elderly should seek immediate medical attention if stung by a bark scorpion.

Scorpion Tail Stung By A Scorpion  How Do I Know?Scorpion Stings

Scorpion stings can range from mildly irritating to fatal; depending on the species of scorpion and personal reactions to stings. Unfortunately, the most common species of scorpion in Arizona is also the most dangerous. While stings from Arizona Bark Scorpions can be deadly, most scorpion stings can be compared to bee or wasp stings.

Scorpions do not transmit diseases, and the size and appearance of a scorpion does not correlate with medical importance. Scorpion stings resulting in death are far more common in other parts of world. In Brazil, some 5000 people reported scorpion stings every year which results in 48 deaths annually.

Phoenix Scorpion Control

If you have been stung by a scorpion, it something you never want to experience ever again. Prevent scorpions from entering your home with Phoenix scorpion control.

Bulwark Exterminating
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Bulwark Exterminating
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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

“Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite” was once a cute little phrase our parents said to us as they tucked us in for the night. Bed bugs are now a problem with a solution that is far from cute. Decades ago, bed bug incidents were everywhere worldwide, for some time it died down and now they are coming back with a vengeance, unfortunately.

Bed Bug Up close How To Get Rid Of Bed BugsPrevention

Bed bugs travel via clothing, luggage, bedding, so if you have come back from vacation or store items in your suitcase, it is best to clean any bags or suitcases along with the clothing or bedding items inside. If you have just bought something brand new from the store, whether it is an article of clothing or a new bed spread, it is advised to clean it thoroughly first before putting anywhere near you or your family.

First of all, the best way to keep bed bugs out of your home is strictly taking preventative measures. If you already know you have an infestation of bed bugs then here are a series of steps to show you how you can get rid of them.

Steps to ride yourself of bed bugs

1. Take a look at the infested area and surrounding living quarters.

2. Clean off and strip clothing and/or bedding of infested area.

3. Reduce any clutter that may be around, clutter just encourages bugs to congregate.

4. To physically clean clothing and/or bedding in a NON CHEMICAL way, you can:

- Put bedding in washer, wash regularly and then stick in your dryer at a very high heat ( 110°F or higher). The high temperatures will kill the bugs.

Clothes With Bedbugs In Bag How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs5. To physically clean clothing and/or bedding WITH CHEMICALS, you can:

- Use an integrated pest management (IPM) strategy to control the infestation which is three steps. Sanitize, apply chemicals, preventative measures.

- There is thousands of bed bug products that are available for the average consumer to use that are approved by the EPA. A pest control store professional can help you choose the right product for use against the bugs.

- If one product does not work, clean the items off again, before applying a new product.

6. DO NOT BOMB YOUR HOUSE! And I am not talking about the military kind, even though you may feel like it…I am talking about the bug bombs you get at the local grocery store. These do NOTHING. Visit your local pest control store, where professionals can give you better quality and more effective products to help you get rid of those bed bugs within your budget and without harming you and your loved ones. Bombs are harmful to you, your family and your pets and all they do to your house and bug problem is leave a weird smell and disgusting residue.

7. You can always resort to hiring a professional.

8. If you are returning home from a trip, even if it was from your mother’s house, unpack everything directly into the washer, and if possible, even wash the bag your items were in. If you can’t wash your suitcase, sanitize it to the best of your ability before putting it near any clean areas.

The EPA – Environmental Prevention agency has a great guide on Pest Control and Pesticide Safety which you can get out and even download to print at You can also check out a detailed run down of bed bugs, there life cycle, and different solutions at

Catriona M. is a professional content writer for Catriona loves to go shopping and trying new foods.

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Scorpion Babies

Scorpion And Babies 1024x682 Scorpion BabiesIf you are an enthusiast of all things creepy-crawly, it’s a sight to behold. If you are a homeowner, seeing them in your home is your worst nightmare.

I’m talking about SCORPION BABIES! It’s true—female scorpions will birth live scorpions, and even carry them on her back as they grow. The entire process, from courtship to scorpion adulthood is quite a magnificent site to behold, unless you’re a homeowner!

Dancing Scorpions

Have you ever seen a pair of scorpions locked up together, almost like they were fighting? They awkwardly dart around, giving you the impression that they are trying to learn the waltz or something—They appear to be dancing!

What these scorpions are actually doing is performing an elaborate courtship, a courtship which will eventually lead to baby scorpions. Here’s how it all goes down:

A male scorpion locates a female, and they engage in a “courtship dance.” The two scorpions will grasp each other’s pinchers (technically called pedipalps), and dart around like they are clumsily dancing together. While doing this the male scorpion selects a location to place his sperm packet. All that maneuvering or dancing is actually the male forcing the female towards the location of the sperm packet for her to pick it up.

Watch the amazing video below:

Amazing Video: Dancing Scorpion Courtship


Scorpion Babies

Scorpion Babies On Back 1024x682 Scorpion BabiesAfter the courtship, the female scorpion will gestate the baby scorpions (scorplings) for five to twelve months. Yes, gestation can take as long as a year. After this, the female scorpion will give live birth to her young.

The average number of scorpions that are birthed is 26! The female scorpion will carry her litter on her back for about two weeks; when they eventually hop off and molt some five or six times before reaching adulthood themselves.

Scorpions will live three to eight years, unless you call a scorpion exterminator.

Phoenix Scorpion Control

I know it’s kind of cool to see these baby scorpions, but keep in mind that these baby scorpions will grow up and have babies of their own. You don’t want your home overrun with stinging scorpions. To eliminate the problem for good, it’s best to get professional Phoenix scorpion control!

Bulwark Exterminating
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Bulwark Exterminating
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Reasons Why You Should Winterize Your Home Against Pests

Winterize Caulking 200x300 Reasons Why You Should Winterize Your Home Against PestsOld Man Winter’s in the air, and soon the little outside critters will be rapping on your door – or more like crawling in under it. All kinds of pests will make their way to your nice, warm house to take shelter from the cold, wet elements this winter, unless you take precautions and winterize your home to keep them out. There are many benefits to winterizing your home against pests, which we will discuss below.

It Keeps Pests Out and Saves You Money in the Long Run

Obviously, winterizing your home against pests keeps the little buggers out. As the weather turns cold and rainy, insects and other critters naturally start migrating indoors so they can hibernate and lay eggs. Insects can be lurking in your baseboards, attic, or any other number of places throughout your home, just waiting to come out once temperatures start to heat up again. Unless you’re wanting thousands of creepy crawly critters to hatch out come Spring, then it’s best to take precautionary measures and winterize your home against pests. Sealing up any cracks, gaps, holes, or other openings will save you money in the long run, as you won’t have to pay for pest control solutions further down the road.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Sealing cracks and other openings to prevent insects from infesting your home essentially protects the earth. Keeping bugs out to begin with means that you won’t have to spray harsh, poisonous chemicals, meaning that those harsh chemicals in turn won’t seep into the earth or into the air. Winterizing your home also will help save on energy bills; by sealing your house up tight, you ensure that our overall energy needs are reduced during the winter.

It Saves You Money on Energy Bills

One of the biggest bonuses to winterizing your home against pests is that it doesn’t just keep pests out – it also saves you a bundle on energy bills by sealing out drafts. Cracks and other openings let drafts in, as well as allowing heat to seep out, which means you evidentially have to spend more money in order to keep your home warm. Winterizing your home against pests will also cut down on your energy bill, effectively killing two birds with one stone.

Winterizing your home against pests is a simple, inexpensive way to keep insects and other small critters out during the cold months. Of course, if you discover that you already have an infestation of insects, it’s best to call a pest control professional to take care of them.

About the author: Chris is writer for Fox Pest Control, a Virginia Beach based pest control company.

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Interesting Facts About The World’s Worst House Pests

dead cockroach 1 300x200 Interesting Facts About The Worlds Worst House PestsThe home is where the heart is and this means that each and every single one of us is, quite understandably, protective about our living space. So when our home is invaded by pests such as ants, mice, bees, flees and the likes, all we want to do is get rid of them as quickly as possible. And whilst that isn’t an unreasonable reaction to a pest problem, have you ever stopped and given these insignificant insects and rampant rodents a second thought? Chances are you haven’t, but you may be surprised to learn that many of the common pests found in and around our homes are actually quite interesting. Here is your must-have guide to some of the country’s most well-known (and well-loathed) pests.



They aren’t all pests

Cockroaches are often considered one of the worst pests found in our home but surprisingly the vast majority of them aren’t pests at all. There are roughly 4000 species of the creatures on the planet but only 30 of them can be considered pests. Many cockroaches are only found in caves, burrows and forests rather than our beloved homes.

Cockroaches can live for weeks without a head

Yes, you heard right – cockroaches can live for a couple of weeks without a head. This is because their head is not as essential to them as it is to us and providing their wound clots, they will not bleed out (and die) like most other species on the planet.

House flies


They lay up to 500 eggs

House flies are truly amazing insects as they can lay as many as 500 eggs in a four day period. These eggs are white and are typically less than half an inch in size.

House flies get around – a LOT

House flies are capable of travelling up to six miles a day although most will stay close to their breeding ground.

House flies are gross

House flies do not feed off flesh; they get their nutrients by spitting saliva on their food, which is then liquefied so it can be sucked up by their sponge-like mouths.

Bed bugs


They’re back from the dead…almost

Following developments in pesticides, bed bugs were essentially wiped out by 1950 in the UK. However pest control experts are reporting a 500% increase in their sightings in the last three years.

They’re not fussy

Besides feeding on your blood, bed bugs will also attack and feed on your pets’ blood, so it’s essential that any infestations are dealt with immediately.



They leave an obvious trail

Mice such as the House mouse and Long-Tailed Field mouse can drop as many as 70 droppings in an hour and will urinate frequently. Thankfully this is often good news for us as it means that we are able to acknowledge their existence without much investigation.

Whilst the existence of pests in and around our homes is not welcomed by many of us, the introduction of pest problems is not something that you can control. Their eradication from your property however is something you can control, so if you notice that you have pests in your home, do not hesitate to call your local pest control experts to tackle the problem as quickly as possible.

Featured images:
  • License: Royalty Free or iStock source:

Tony Bond, a leading bed bug expert, is the founder of North London Pest Control, a company dedicated to removing pests in domestic and commercial properties.

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Pest Sniffing Dogs: A Cost Effective Way To Avoid Infestations

Dogs are extremely faithful companies. Many industries, such as the military and police, use them for their sharp sense of smell, keen eyes, and fierce loyalty. Since dogs are adaptable, versatile, courageous and trainable, they are perfect for the police force. In fact, since dogs are so applicable to do police work, they would be insane if they didn’t use dogs. However, the police are not the only ones using dogs. Currently, pest control services are using man’s best friend too. They are accomplishing this through a method called canine scent detection. In other words, they are using dogs to “sniff out” pest infestations.

Trained to Find Pests


Why should I use canine scent detection?

Canine scent detection is fast. This makes pest control a quick and seamless process. These dogs undergo training in insect detection daily are certified by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA).

What is this NESDCA?

The NESDCA is an organization made of Pest Control Owners/Operators. They have accredited facilities for dog training. They are dedicated to maintaining high standards for pest control services. The NESDCA also strives to have good entomology scent-detecting teams, and want consumers to be informed about the benefits of canine scent detection. Their dogs and dog handlers know how to efficiently locate and get rid of pest problems. They also do entomology research.

The Benefits of Using Canine Scent Detection


Powerful and quick service

So why should I uses canine scent detection in pest control? Well, first off, you will save money. Canine scent detection is very cost effective. Secondly, canine scent detection is very accurate. A dog can perform an inspection of a very large are in a short amount of time and are capable of detecting pest in areas humans have trouble accessing by themselves. They can easily sniff their way through out an entire office or apartment complex. Additionally, they will find the exact point of infestation. This is great for the environment because with canine scent detection pest control services don’t have to use as much pesticide.


Moreover, canine scent detection is more credible than other forms of pest control services. A dog is not going to try to swindle you. They will merely show you where an infestation is located. Then you a can figure out what you’re invested with and what types of pesticide will eliminate the problem in the fastest way possible. Additionally, pest sniffing canine are great for maintaining company image.

Allows you to perform a pre-emptive strike on pest

Canine scent detection can detect an infestation before they become a serious threat. This is important for running a business. Just think about it. Which one of these situations would ruin how you view a business: one part of a building being tied of for the day because a pesticide was applied there, or an entire building being fumigated for an entire week? For me it would be the latter. Although the first situation is not optimal, it’s a lot less scary then the latter scenario. The NESDCA provides dogs that you can trust will prevent the latter scenario.

Still skeptical?

So you’re still not convinced. Well just think about the police. The Canine Unit of the police force assists officers with serious crimes and crisis. They can easily find missing children and serious criminals. They also use dogs to find dangerous illegal material like narcotics, alcohol, and explosives. Dogs are also used in crowd control, to protect people, in hostage situation, and in rescue missions. If after hearing that I can’t convince you dogs are intelligent, adaptable, and capable of handling stressful situation, I don’t know what would. Trust me, if a dog can find a bomb, they can find pest.

Dogs- They are man’s best friend and much more. They are also man’s protector. Dogs can keep your home pest-free. You won’t regret their highly-specific and targeted pest control service.

labrador Pest Sniffing Dogs: A Cost Effective Way To Avoid Infestations

This article was written by Jonathan Gray, who works for a pest control service in Ocean County, which relies on the assistance of canines to weed out pest infestations in homes.

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Top 3 Pests In Phoenix

I recently moved to the Phoenix valley (Queen Creek to be exact) from Flagstaff, and was wondering how to best protect my family from pests. I had the chance to talk to Bulwark Exterminating about getting protected, and asked what the three most common pests that they treat are?

Here are the top three pests in Phoenix, determined by the number of calls to Bulwark Exterminating:

3. Crickets

Cricket White Background Large 300x200 Top 3 Pests In Phoenix

I must admit, I was a little surprised when I was told that crickets are the third most called about pest in Phoenix, but it makes sense. When was the last time you only saw one cricket? Crickets infest in bunches, and when doing so will cause damage to your home, your lawn, and even your clothing. Often it is synthetic fabrics that are most damaged, although cotton, wool and silk are also attacked as well. The worst part about crickets? They attract other pests like scorpions and spiders; as they frequently dine on crickets. If you are frequently seeing crickets around your home or property, you need Phoenix cricket control!

2. Black Widow Spiders

Black Widow White Background 300x256 Top 3 Pests In Phoenix

I never realized just how big of a problem the Black Widow spider was in the Phoenix area, until I moved to Queen Creek last summer. I often see them in my back yard, as they frequently build their webs underneath my patio furniture, along the awnings of my house, and under the water boxes. Apparently I’m not the only one seeing them, as they are the number two most called about pest in the valley. The main reason so many people call in about them, is because of their venomous bites. When a female Black Widow spider does bite, she does so with one of the most potent venoms secreted by any organism on the planet. Although people rarely die from a Black Widow spider bite, but victims may experience severe pain, brutal muscle cramps, excruciating abdominal pain, dizziness, weakness and tremors. If you are bitten, get help! To avoid getting bit, make sure you enlist the services of a Phoenix exterminator.

1. Arizona Bark Scorpions

Bark Scorpion Tail Up 300x199 Top 3 Pests In Phoenix

I know I should get the captain obvious award for reporting that the Arizona Bark scorpion is the number one pest in the Phoenix Valley. Yeah, duh! Next I’m going to tell you that water is wet. When it comes to scorpions, homeowners want no part of them. We may be able to put up with a few roaches or crickets here or there, but not scorpions! The reasons are obvious… They sting; they hide in our shoes and bed sheets, and they are just downright U-G-L-Y! Scorpions are very hard to get rid of on your own. You must enlist the services of a Phoenix scorpion exterminator to best control their populations.

Phoenix Pest Control

If you are seeing crickets, Black Widow spiders, Bark scorpions, or any other type of Arizona pest, it’s time to call a Phoenix exterminator!

Bulwark Exterminating
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